I created my blog with a purpose of having a place I can comfortably express my feelings and thoughts, without being judged or criticised. I never thought my blog would grow the way it has so far, and I am forever grateful to those of you who take time out of your day to click onto my page and have a read of what came from my little brain. There have been times when I thought blogging wasn’t for me, and times i really felt committed to using all of my spare time and taking this blog somewhere, maybe even turning this into my full time job.

But aside from all of that, this blog is essentially my diary, a place I can just type away and empty my ramblings onto a fresh post, I love it because my blog listens, without judging, without telling me I’m wrong, without pushing me away, its my little place of complete comfort, and I love it. The fact that you guys support me and read my blogs is what makes it even better.

I wanted to write a blog post today because I’ve had a day filled with put downs and criticisms. I felt so guilty for missing the past 2 days of posts, but I didn’t want to post something rushed and super pointless just for the sake of keeping up with ‘every day in may’. Ive been so annoying and I sort of hit a wall with what to write that wasn’t super simple and not unique or something I actually wanted to talk about. Today lead me to write this post, I wanted to talk about being perfect, and how its such a overrated thing!

I feel like the current world we live in is designed to make everyone think that perfection exists, the perfect body, the perfect job, the perfect make up, the perfect house, the perfect relationship, the perfect life. Well, that just isnt true. Theres no such thing as one perfect life, my idea of a perfect life for me might be completely different to someone else’s idea of perfection. We are all our own kind of perfect, and our lives are what we make them. Your own perfect body, your own perfect job, your own perfect style… YOUR. OWN. PERFECT. LIFE.

We are quick to jump at our computers to publicly announce the good things that happen to us but the bad things stay behind closed doors, the mistakes & the bad luck are for some reason never something to share on social media. I don’t want to be like everybody else, I don’t want to have perfectly crisp pretty blog photos, I don’t want to have to make every one of my meals Instagram worthy and the healthiest thing on the planet, sometimes I want to have a bowl of mash and beans, okay? But most importantly, I don’t want my blog to portray my life as perfect, because nobody’s is, and you know what? Thats perfectly okay!

Perfection is not the key to happiness. We spend our lives striving towards so called perfection, forgetting the journey and the memories we’ve made along the way. We get our education in order to eventually go on and get the perfect job you’ve always wanted (everybody’s idea of a perfect job is different), but during our education we make some friends for life, we learn life lessons, we gain physical and emotional strength, all of which shape us into a better, wiser, happier and stronger person, yet the job is what will make you happy?

I don’t want to be perfect, I’m short, I’m fat, I’m not the most academic person, I make mistakes, I fail, I get upset over the little things, I’m not very good at photography, I’m not the most creative person, I’m shy, I’m scared of social events.. and trains. But guess what, I like my height because i can nap in small spaces, I’ve started a gym plan, im about to go into my third year of university, my mistakes and failures have lead me to the place I am at today, my emotions mean I care, I still go to social things (sometimes) and I got on a train all by myself every day for university.

Despite my “imperfections”, I honestly believe my life is pretty fucking great. I am me, and I will never be ‘perfect’, because ‘perfect’ does not exist. I am HAPPY, and that is what’s important! Don’t let ANYONE make you think that you need to change, that you can’t be different, that you need to be better, or that your imperfections define you. You are amazing, you are what YOU tell yourself, and you can be anything you want to, anything at all. Life is what you make of it.

Im not even going to apologise for missing the past 2 days of blog posts, I shouldn’t have to (although I do feel guilty and I really want to apologise), I need to learn that not doing everything perfectly is okay, and this is the start of that.

So stop feeling down about how what you’ve made isnt as “good” as someone else’s, stop judging people for being overweight or not having a degree or lots of money, stop trying to fit in with the world around you. You were not put on this earth to follow, work, pay bills and then die. Go and explore, experience, learn, LOVE and BE HAPPY.


Love Kays X

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