Happy Bank Holiday! My oh my it is hot today, I’m currently writing this blog post sitting on my bed with the fan on full blast and the windows open, super short shorts and a vest, im sweating!! But I’ve had a cute day & the sun is making me so happy! I dont care that im hot!

Still sticking with the ‘get to know me’ series of blog posts! If youre not enjoying these please let me know in the comments! I wanted to have a little chat about coffee with Kays and the meaning behind it. I figured thats something you’d actually like to know, maybe you’ve thought about it before. If not, heres some new information haha!

So coffee with Kays intends to be a friendly welcoming blog name, so that you guys will wanna come read and communicate with myself and other readers! If you dont follow my blog already, I absolutely love coffee, okay? coffee is my life, it keeps me functioning and im on of the few people who actually enjoy the taste, and not just drink it out of habit or to wake themselves up in the morning. I …. LOVE …… COFFEE!

My blog posts are quite sit down and grab a cup of tea while you have a read, very casual and chatty, I like to talk about life and my feelings and thoughts and maybe rant here and there! I wanted it give it a friendly feel and to make my readers feel like they’re sitting down having a coffee and a chat with me! So coffee with Kays seemed like the perfect name to me!

This probably wasn’t the most interesting blog post to read, but at least now you know the meaning behind my blogs name!

If you have a blog, whats the meaning behind your name and why did you pick it? Let me know in the comments!

See you tomorrow,

Love Kays X

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