Sticking to the theme of ‘getting to know me’ and gaining a bit more of a conneciton to my readers, i wanted to continue with this ‘get to know me’ sort of series and considering the weather is absolutely beautiful today im in a pretty fantastic mood and thought what else makes me happy? Which sparked the idea for todays blog post, what makes me happy. I wanted to chat about 5 things that make me happy. Theres a rule here, no people and no pets, because i think it should go without saying that the people and the pets in my life make me the happiest of all! So todays blog post is five THINGS that make me happy!


1. Friends (The TV show). When I sat and thought about this, I thought about this answer and figured you guys would be like Kays…. really? Friends? But you know, when I picture my life without ever watching friends again, it makes my heart hurt, I just don’t think I could ever do it. So friends….. friends is definitely an answer!

2. Moisturiser. Theres something about being soft and moisturised that makes me feel so satisfied, I absolutely hate the feeling of dry skin and moisturiser is my best friend, especially because I am pale, with sensitive skin, I cant live without my moisturiser! My favourite moisturisers are simple and liz Earle, but my favourite thing to use on my face at the moment is E45 cream! As crazy as that sounds, my face has never felt so smooth, hydrated and healthy! And I definitely thank E45 cream for that.

3. Sun. This is a bit of a strange one, i was imagining the things that make me the happiest in the world, and there a so many small simple things that make me happy, like a really good cup of coffee, a good book, some comfy clothes, a pizza takeaway, a feel good film, a trip to the cinemas, the list is pretty long, I find beauty and happiness in the little things. But theres just something about a sunny day, that just makes me beam with good feelings. I could never move to a cold country, I’ve always loved to live by a beach someday. I don’t exactly get the most sun where I live now, even in summer we get a few good days of sun and thats it, maybe thats why it makes me so happy, because I don’t get to experience it that often, and I’ve never been abroad. But the sun never EVER makes me sad, it brings out the best mood in me! Just like today! Im at work right now writing this post on my lunch break and even though im spending a perfect sunny saturday working in the office im still in a great mood today, i dont have to be in the sun to enjoy it!

4. Small acts of kindness. Theres just something so lovely about something personal and thoughtful. Even if its just a compliment from a colleague at work or a text from your mum to say have a good day, or a cup of tea brought to you in bed by the other half. Small kind acts like that stay with me all day, and the little ball of warmth that gathers inside is just a wonderful feeling. For example, my favourite thing to get on my birthday are the cards, not the presents, you know the ones with the cute poems inside, or an adorable hand written message inside. They mean more to me than the gifts. I love reading about acts of kindness that go on all over the world, somebody helping out someone in need, somebody sharing their motivation with others, somebody raising money for charity, clips of people getting new puppies, clips of people spreading awareness. Its the little things like this that make the world a unique and wonderful place, and we need more of them.

5. Coffee. I think it would be a little hypocrytical to call myself a huge coffee fan if i didnt mention coffee in my 5 top things! All you coffee lovers out there will agree that its a life savour, and its the best addition to anything! Morning breakfast? add coffee. Meeting up with friends? Grab a coffee! Getting through a pile of studying? Coffee. Watching a show on TV? Coffee! Shopping trip? Coffee on the go! Road trip? Coffee drive thru! COFFEE IS THE BEST!

What are your 5 top things that make you happy? Id love to know! Let me know in the comments!

See you tomorrow!

Love Kays X

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