I am super shocked that im even here writing this blog post to be honest, after the past few months ive had, I think I predicted a few times that I wouldn’t be writing this post, and instead I would be telling you guys something along the lines of how I gave up my studies and flew to a hot country with a one way ticket!

This last year has been insanely crazy, im not going to lie to you guys, its not been the most thrilling of rides! Im a super fan of education, and im SO on side with university, I think its important (depending on what you want to do for a living/career) and I dont regret going to university in any way shape or form. But that doesn’t stop me from wishing it wasn’t so darn difficult, ive had a pretty tough year at university, for a lot of reasons. To be honest, I cant believe I made it through.

I know so many people who have adored their second year of university, they’ve had an absolute blast and thats amazing, if you’re one of those people then amazing! im so happy for you. Unfortunately my journey through my second year of university studies was not the greatest of times!

I didn’t really start second year with a lot of motivation, I had second thoughts about my options for the year (for certain units we were allowed to chose our topics), I was really struggling with money, and I was in a pretty sh*t mental space, i had a bit of an emotional summer for many reasons, and I worked A LOT which meant I didn’t really have much of a break either! So the year didn’t start off on the best foot. Money worries, friendship worries, and the stress from trying to pass my driving test was pretty much the forefront of the second half of 2017 for me. This meant university was not a priority and the more time went by the more behind I got, my head wasn’t in it and I would do the bare minimum I needed to in order to pass.

After the Christmas break the same sort of thing happened, I told myself 2018 was a time for change but the problems were still pulling me down, work cut my hours which meant less money and more stress, I had failed my driving test 3 times and was paying for train transport to university, as well as paying for driving lessons and more tests. I started to resent my lectures, thinking I could be working a full time job to pay for my car and things I wanted to do and have, and I couldn’t afford to pay for the train, i felt like university was in the way of life, along with other problems I was having personally.

The lessons themselves were interesting, and I enjoyed the topics I was learning, but my personal head space was not in a great place, which impacted on university for me, my university campus is also closing down which means people are leaving because of job security, so organisation was not the best, and I had quite a few new lecturers over the year. I would happily go back to last September and do things a lot differently, but im proud of myself for making it through, getting the work done and not giving up, despite other problems that have been weighing me down.

I cant believe how fast it has gone, I genuinely feel like I only just applied, and yet in 6 months time ill be starting my 3rd year! I genuinely think I really need these next 5 months off, I have planned so many personal projects over the time off, it gives me time to work If I can and save up some money (hopefully), I am on a bit of a mental journey and have mission to look after my mind this summer, so I can start my third year with the best intentions, super prepared, super chilled, super charged and ready to go!

Heres to making it through!
How did you find your time at university? Id love to know! Let me know in the comments

See you tomorrow
Love Kays X

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