I was thinking about my blog this morning and how its been such a long time since I properly posted (on schedule), and I was thinking about how I almost dont really have a connection with my readers anymore, and you guys dont really know me that well. So I wanted todays post to be a little bit of a get to know me blog post! And what better way to do that than a “20 facts about me” post? So here goes!

1. I am 23 years old (24 this year, scary)

2. I am a libra

3. I am a full time university student, studying psychology with education.

4. I have 1 older sister and 1 younger brother.

5. I am allergic to pretty much everything

6. I passed my driving test last month (woohoo)

7. On that note, it took me 4 tries until I passed my driving test!

8. I have been blogging for 2 years (OMG)

9. My favourite film is The greatest showman (BEST FILM EVER MADE)

10. My favourite TV show is Friends (obviously)

11. I am a vegetarian (I would love to transition to vegan one day)

12. I am the proudest dog owner in the world, my dog Mitzy is perfect, here is a picture from a photoshoot that I had with her.

13. I have never stepped foot in another country, or on a plane, or in an airport.

14. I plan to become a primary school teacher with my degree

15. I am a super big fan of 70s and 80s fashion!

16. I would rather have one loyal and supportive friend than 1000 facebook friends

17. You can find me on instagram, snapchat and facebook! Username for all of them is @coffeeewithkays

18. My favourite food is pizza!!!

19. I was born super duper early (I was born at 25 weeks to be exact) and the doctors told my mum I wouldn’t make it

20. I am 5ft 4.5″

I hope that helped you guys get to know me a little better, and you feel that little bit closer to me 🙂

I would love to get to know you guys too! Tell me some fact about you in the comments!

See you tomorrow

Love Kays X

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