I hope I’m not only speaking for myself here when I say that at there’s something so satisfying about starting a fresh month. Your motivation is up, your mood is high, you’re determined to kick this month in the ass & own it, and you vision yourself on the 31st looking back and knowing that you conquered the last 4 weeks!

At the beginning of each month, I like to sit down with myself and make a little mini plan, writing down all the little things (or big things) that I want to accomplish in those 31 days (or 30… or 28… or 29… depending on the month Yano). Of course I had to share it with you guys this month, kicking off everyday in May with a motivational post (hopefully), spreading the positive vibes!

If you don’t already do this yourself then I highly recommend you do, it sets you up for the month and vamps up your motivation, giving you a positive outlook on the month, kicking things off in an amazing way!

So what are my goals this month?

To meditate every day:

I’ve really gotten into meditating recently, I love the quiet time to myself, even if it’s a couple of minutes. I generally tend to do my meditation in the morning, because it starts my day in amazing way. Im happy, relaxed and ready to go! I’m learning more and more about the practice through reading and some YouTube clips I found. It really is an amazing thing to have in your day, even if it just means sitting on the sofa in silence for a couple of minutes,becoming aware of your breathing and just being with yourself for a few deep breaths. It works wonders for me. And I should be doing it more! So one of my main goals this month is to meditate every day. I’m planning on dedicating a whole blog post to meditation and my experience and recommendations on how to get yourself started, if you want to see this let me know in the comments!

Spend more time with my family:

My second year of university was literally insane, with working 3 days a week on top of the work I found I simply never had any time to myself. Let alone time to give to other people, but recently I’ve been really thinking about what the people in my life mean to me (maybe the meditation is causing it I don’t know), and I realise how little time I actually spend with my family. When I’m home I am usually at my desk in my room working away either on university work or my blog, or even just watching a movie in bed. I know I could be with my family and valuing their presence, even if I’m still working, I could just be near them and taking part in conversation. Your family are the most Important thing, work is not, so make time for them while they are still around!

Feed my body:

This is a little bit of a tricky one for me, if you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know it’s pretty obvious that I have a little bit of a problem with food. There’s a little bit of an addiction there, and my relationship with food is not healthy. Now that I have no university and I have a whole summer of free time on my hands, I would like to spend a little time trying to fix myself. It’s a little bit personal to be chatting about publicly, But this is one of my goals; To feed my body, not my cravings. I have recently been making just a few better decisions when it comes to food, some of my meals are wholesome and healthier, I plan to not be eating for stress now that university is over for me, and I have the time to chop and prepare. I want to master my relationship with food and feel comfortable about it, rather than forcing a healthy salad in my mouth really wishing I could eat that whole family size box of biscuits on the kitchen counter. So this month is going to be a month of learning what my body needs, and nourishing it. Woohoo!

What are your goals for this month? Let me know in the comments!

See you tomorrow

Love Kays X

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