Happy May everyone! I can’t believe how fast it’s come, literally feels like two seconds ago I was miming along to elf while wrapping Christmas presents! Life is literally flashing me by it’s crazy!

Anyway, May has arrived and I made a promise to myself that this summer would be the summer of my blog (well, I would do everything in my power to make this the case). I’ve made so many plans and I’ve got so many ideas! One of these ideas is ‘Every day in May’, you know how there is ‘blogmas’, and ‘blogtober’? Well I thought I would create my own, and post a blog for you every single day in May! YAY!

May is my favourite time of year, the sun is starting to show its face, everyone is in a great mood because either their summer has already started or it’s about to, the flowers are blooming, the spring and summer lines are out in the shops, everything is a little bit warmer and a little bit happier! I love it! I thought it would be a perfect month to get my daily blogging butt into action and whip out some super fun blogs for you guys!

The ideas are pouring out so stay tuned and get ready for an entire month of coffee with Kays!

It’s a little bit of a boring post today, just announcing my epic plan & leaving it there, but I promise more exciting posts are coming! See you tomorrow!

Love Kays X

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