So I was scrolling along the oh deer website a while ago searching for a fresh notebook (because nothing is better than a fresh notebook), and I stumbled across Papergang. A little bit gutted that I’ve not discovered this before! But I’m sooo happy I found it now! Its such good value for money, and nothing makes me happier than stationery! I thought for this weeks blog post I would share with you guys what I received in this months box!


So when I first opened the box I was greeted to this super cute iron on badge, to make my membership ‘official’ – super cute touch!



This months theme of the box is ‘bullet journal’, I have received what basically seems like my own little cute kit for starting my own bullet journal! Im soooo super excited to get started on it! I love love love the pink theme!


The bullet journal itself is so adorable, I love the size, I can carry it around wherever I go, which is helpful! Its not too thick which can sometimes be a pain with notebooks, chunky books are sometimes forgotten about because they take up so much space you don’t end up taking it with you and it gets left aside and forgotten so I like how this avoids that problem!


I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure every month you receive a calendar page for the next month in your box, it seems to be the case in what I see on instagram so I’m assuming so! This one is amazing! Its so bold, I’ve stuck it to my mirror in my bedroom so I can see it everyday. I actually don’t have a calendar which is like a crime when I’m thinking about it now…. so this is helpful haha!


Im literally in love with these! This item in particular made me unbelievably excited to start bullet journalling! I love stickers, not sure why! I think it reminds me of being a child with no responsibilities and a carefree life! They make everything look better, AAAH!


These are some little extras I received in the box, this ruler is so cute. Its so bright and bold, I love that because ill never lose it that way! I believe its so you can keep everything extra tidy and organised in your bullet journal. The pens are pretty fab too! I love the colours, they seem a little big for the book but I’m excited to try them still!


This pencil case, strangely, is my favourite thing in the box I think! Not because ill be using it for pencils, but because I’m crying out for a new make up bag and this is absolutely huge! It looks small on the picture but the bottom pops out and its super wide! I love that its see through so I can see my stuff which I love. Im just so excited, it would make the perfect pencil case too (obvs).


This card is so sweet, Im not sure what I will use it for or who ill give it too, maybe to cheer someone up when they need it. But I love the illustration, so cute!

I’m so happy with my first Papergang delivery! I’m officially already hooked and I cant wait to see whats in next month! Let me know what you think of papergang if you’re a member, whats your favourite box so far? Let me know!

Love Kays X

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