Happy Friday!

I wanted to post something on my blog this week, no matter what it took, my life is so busy at the moment that its hard to find the time to sit down and focus on writing something. Don’t worry, I’m working hard on all of my big blog ideas for you guys, its just crazy busy and super difficult to get them done when its deadline season at university! I thought this week would be the perfect opportunity to give you guys a little life update, and let you know whats been going on with me. Considering you’ve not heard from me since December, I think we need a little catch up!

So university is going well, I mean its insanely time consuming, I feel like I read a book a day and despite it being my second year on the course, I’m flooded with meetings and talks about third year and dissertation projects and PGCE decisions! Its all very overwhelming, exciting for sure, but I don’t think I’m quite ready for this! Literally feels like yesterday I was applying for my college access course!

If you didn’t know already, I’m a second year student at Manchester Metropolitan University, studying Psychology & Education Studies as a combined honours degree. Im hoping to go into teaching after I finish my degree. Im really enjoying the course, granted I complain about it a lot, but to be honest I’m enjoying it! Im obsessed with anything psychology and I love it! Theres a lot to do, and it takes up so much of your time, and you are forever broke. But I love it and its worth it in the end!

Me & Reece are quite possibly the happiest we’ve ever been, I feel like I say that every time anyone asks me how we are doing. We have been together for a few months over 8 years now. Its insane how time flies, I cant believe its been that long. And I know its quite a common saying, “couldn’t be better” and all that, but it really couldn’t! He’s the best, I’m such a happy little fiancé.

At the moment I’m working part time at an estate agency, I work Tuesdays and Saturdays, and I also work on Sundays with Reece and help him with his job. So along side university hours I actually don’t Get a day off. But I’m paying the bills and I’m tackling it, working hard. I really enjoy my part time job, the people there are so lovely, I have a laugh every time, the job is easy and is never stressful, its busy enough to make the time go fast and I’m never bored, I really enjoy it, its a great way to make some money.

Life is going good for me lately, nobody life is ever perfect, I’m tired and I need a mental break but you know what, I’m alive, I’ve got legs and arms that work, and so so so many things to be happy about. So yeah, life is good!

I have been pretty poorly lately, over the last few months it seems to have always been something wrong, either I’m sick or I have a poorly tummy or my head is pounding or I feel grotty, I cant remember the last time I physically felt 100% okay, even 90% okay, I’m always ill in some way or another. Last week I was super poorly with a bug, and its opened my eyes a little to what I’m eating and how I’m treating my body. I feel like I will forever be at war with my body, I think even when I get to where I want to be there will be something else I will want to improve on or change. Ive lost a little weight since I last gave you a little ‘body update’ but I’m not at all even close to where I want to be, and I don’t think I will be for a while, I just have a long way to go, but I’m working on it. At the moment my weight loss is probably the bottom of my list of priorities, I’m swamped with university work and working to keep paying for my bills. Im not going to say I don’t have the time because everyone has the time, I’m still going to the gym and making better decisions, but I could certainly work a hell of a lot harder at it, I plan to make my body and my blog the main focus of my summer, it will be the summer of Kays, infant it will be the year of Kays, I’m just working on it!

How are you doing? Give me a little update in the comments! Id love to know

Love Kays X

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