So my life is a little upside down right now, university is pretty much taking up 99% of it. Work the other 1%, and I’m trying to fit in everything else I want to do on top of that. Its becoming pretty difficult, I still haven’t managed to find time to get any Christmas presents. Im finding little things hard to fit in like taking a bath, going to the gym is literally impossible. I just don’t have time for anything, my life is jam packed and I’m finding it really hard to keep t my words and post 1 blog post every day. After a bit of thought, I’ve decided to leave Blogmas here, and call it the 12 days of Blogmas instead. My exam is in 3 days, and I’m working until the 23rd, its hard to explain because from an outside perspective, going to university or work doesn’t take up all of your time, but it does for me. On a typical university day, I wake up at 5:30, I leave the house to get the train and I’m at university until the 6:30 train back, I get back into the house at about 7:15 and I make some food and by the time I’ve had a shower or sat down I’m just exhausted or its far too late to post a blog.

Ive been writing my blog posts at university in the library, setting aside time to write them or preparing them first before I get on with my university work. Which seemed to have been working okay but I’ve not had any time to be creative, like take blog pictures or do something fun like bake something to write a blog post about. So my posts have been pretty crappy in my opinion. I feel as though I should have been more prepared with it, and ive kept going just so I don’t let anyone down. But at the moment I really need to focus on my exam revision, and my work days are 9:30-5:30 so finding time to take pictures and write interesting blog posts is really becoming a challenge. Hence why none of them have had pictures except for the stationery haul which I took pictures for at 4:30 in the morning before I had to get ready for university.

So ive decided that the best thing to do is to stop here, I don’t want to post crappy posts just for the sake of still posting everyday, I will attempt it again properly next year, and now I know what a challenge it will be I know how important preparation and time management is!

Even though it sucked, I hope you enjoyed the 12 days of blogmas anyway. Im sorry.

See you soon, when all of the chaos is over.

Love Kays X.

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