So first things first, I’m super sorry for the lack of blogs in the past two days! Im swamped with university at the moment. Thank you for being so understanding and supportive about it, you’ve made me realise its not a crime to miss a few days, and that its okay if I cant do absolutely everything all of the time. You guys are amazing. So for todays blog I thought it would chat about what I love to do this time of year, how I like to spend my time & what I love to get up to leading up to Christmas!

1. Coffee!
The Christmas menus literally make me so excited I could melt, every year! I love the creative selctions & the vibes in the coffee shops, whether its costa or Starbucks or even just the cafe at university (which I spend a lot of my time). Everybody loves a good Christmas hot drink!

2. Playing in the snow!
If we are lucky enough to get snow in December (sometimes it doesn’t snow until like February!) then I am a sucker for heading out with my gloves and thick coat on, & make the most of the snow outside! Last year we built the cutest snowman, it was so much fun! Its been snowing a lot this year so far! This morning we took the dogs out for a walk in their cute little fluffy coats & It was amazing! Coming back into the house with a bright red nose, no feeling left in your hands and little white snowflakes in your hair is what its all about!

3. Movies!
Curling up on the sofa or in bed with a good movie is something for all year round, it will never not be fun. But in December, movies seem to be the best thing ever! When the tree is sparkling & the fire is lit, cosying up with a hot chocolate and little snack (or a giant pizza…. guilty) and a good Christmas movie is perfection! I love to spend my evening being cosy indoors while its snowing outside is such a great feeling!

4. Wrapping presents!
I absolutely love going on little shopping trips and grabbing gifts that you know a certain person will love! Picking out special presents that will have sentimental meaning. I love picking out cute patterned wrapping paper & wrap up the gifts with ribbons & gift tags!

5. Baking!
Nothing brings the baker side of my out more than this time of year; gingerbread houses, biscuits, shortbread, you name it! Baking up a wonderful smell in the kitchen, enjoying a slice of something delicious together with family or friends. And while there are so many delicious products on the shelf in the supermarkets this time of year, nothing ever really beats homemade.

6. Family Time!
Its so not cool that Christmas time is a time to spend more time with family! Family time has to be a priority always, but Christmas is so well known for a time to spend with family playing games, cosying up together with Christmas movies, giving each other gifts and appreciating each others company. That, above all, is my favourite part of Christmas!

What are your favourite things to do in December? Let me know in the comments!

Love Kays X

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