So recently I have been over taken with the need to draw! Ive had so many thoughts and ideas on what I want to draw and create, I really wanted to invest in some good quality art supplies so that I can let out this creative bug! I made a little order and I thought it would be a fab idea to share with you what I got! I bought everything from my university shop but I will put links below to amazon so you can still purchase them yourself if you want to!

The first thing I put into my basket were these absolutely adorable pencils, I’m soooooo excited to start using them. I am in LOVE with the quotes on them and how they relate to the colour of the pencil, ‘blazing breakthrough’ has to be my favourite!

These cuties were £9.99, you can grab some from amazon here:

The next thing I got were these absolutely incredible Metallic brush pens. Ive ALWAYS wanted some brush pens, I love love love using them and you can create some stunning art with them! These adorable brush pens are actually double sided, so is a standard pen and the other side is a brush pen, the metallic ones are absolutely incredible. I love them so much and I just cant wait to get started! You get 6 I the box and they’re the most amazing colours!


These were £11.99, you can get yourself these beauties here:

My favourite thing on my order is this double ended brush pens set, oh my gosh am I in love with them! Im literally so excited to make some amazing art, they are so fun to use and there are so many lovely colours to chose from in the box! So you’re not really limited to what you want to make, I am sooooo happy right now! EEEK!

Those little babies were £19 but I managed to find them on amazon here for a little cheaper here:

I want a really good quality sketch book for my drawings but there were not any really good ones in the shop so I’ve opted for a simple sketch book to use for now and I’m going to invest in a really good quality one from anther shop with my Christmas money! Even though its a temporary measure, its still a pretty cute pad and I love the marble effect on the cover!

This was £7.99 but I managed to find it a little cheaper on Amazon here:

While I was in the shop I did pick up some new diaries for 2018, while they’re not artsy really I thought I’d still show you what I grabbed! These cute little Kath Kidston diaries were too adorable to leave behind, ive grabbed one in an A6 size for my work schedules, I can track my hours at work and my wages in this one, and Ive picked up a separate one for my university deadlines, I want to start logging all of my tasks in a diary so that I can keep on top of my weeks and the layout in these diaries is perfect for that! Both of the diaries are the same on the inside, you get an overview of each month at the beginning of the diary, an it gives you a week to page overview, on the left and a notes section on the right, which is perfect for my schedule and weekly ticklish! My favourite thing about these diaries are the pull out shopping lists! They pop off so you can take them with you, and you get a decent amount of space for your notes too! Theres also a pocket in the back of the diaries for your receipts or a cute picture!

The A5 diary was £16 which you can grab here:

And the A6 diary was £12 which you can grab here: 

Whats your favourite thing from my haul? And where is your favourite place to shop for arts & crafts supplies? Id love to know as I definitely don’t want to stop here!

Let me know in the comments

See you tomorrow!

Love Kays X

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