Happy day five! Its going to fast, don’t you think! I cant believe how quick its going, only 20 days until the big Christmas Day! For today’s blog post, Ive decided to share with you my Christmas wish list!

Just a little list of the things that are on my ‘omg I need this’ list, in the hopes that Im either lucky enough to receive them from someone or what I plan to treat myself to at Christmas time!

The first thing on my list is a new sketch book, ive got into my drawings lately and I really want to invest in a really good quality large sketch book for my drawings, its on my Christmas list for sure!

The second thing on my list is some new perfume! I have some perfume already that I love, which is my Marc Jacobs Daisy. But I just want to switch up for the new year, I’ve had it for a long time, maybe a different one from the Marc Jacobs range! Who knows! Perfume seems to be a common gift to get at Christmas because its so easy to buy, so fingers crossed I see it in my little present pile this year!

One thing on my list, which is actually quite funny, is pyjamas! I get pyjamas every single year, and every single year I always laugh about how I get pyjamas, but this year I actually really want pyjamas! Mine have a Giant whole in them on the knee and I’m scraping through until Christmas in the hopes that someone has saved my life!

Next on my Christmas wish list is a purse! I have had the same purse for a really long time! Its served me well, but its kind of falling apart right now! It does not clip together anymore and its kind of giving up on me! Id like a cute new purse, I’ve looked online and I’m in love with this mulberry purse :

But I think this is definitely one to treat myself to when I have a bit of savings to spare… isn’t it strange that we spend so much money on something to store our money in?

My list is not really big this year, I have everything that I need and I dont like to be one of those people who asks for really expensive things for Christmas, Its not like I would refuse them if they were under the tree on Christmas morning though 😉 Im definitely not one to request!

Because my list is so tiny, I thought it would share with you the things I have patiently waiting in my basket ready for me to press purchase on payday this month! My pay day falls 2 days after Christmas Day, I know that I have some money on Christmas Day waiting for me in a card, so I’m definitely planning on tackling the Boxing Day sales then browsing through my favourite sites on the hunt for some bargains! So here are the things I have waiting to make their way into my wardrobe!

Click on the images to shop!

1. Topshop denim stripe skirt.


2. Topshop embroidered denim skirt


3. New Look Chenille Crop Jumper – I want like every single colour of these!


4. New Look Burgundy Jacket


Whats on your Christmas list? I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments!

See you tomorrow!
Love Kays X

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