Christmas is such an exciting time. So much excitement crammed into one month! So much to be happy about, so much to look forward to, it can be kind of a distraction from other things going on in your life. Work, School, etc. Im currently in my second year of university, and at the moment I’m cramming 2 assignments and revision for an exam into the next 2 weeks. My term finishes on December 15th, and while I literally cannot wait for the real Christmas celebrations to begin, right now I have to focus on getting my studies done and to the best standard without being distracted by duvet days with filled with Christmas films and hot chocolate!

I wanted to write a little post to hopefully help some of you that are struggling with balancing your studies & Christmas spirit throughout December. Here are my top tips:

1. Prioritise
The important thing is to remember that your studies are so important. Your future career and life plans depend on your actions right now. While Christmas is super exciting and it can be super obvious that we would all much rather be watching The Grinch instead of writing up assignments. But its really important that you don’t forget that hard work pays off in the end, and Christmas is going to come either way! The sooner you work hard and get your studies done, the sooner you can enjoy and well deserved Christmas break!

2. To Do Lists
One thing, I think the most important thing actually, that gets me through the mountains of tasks, homework tasks, reading, assignment tasks etc. Is making myself to do lists. Its such an easy way of managing your time and making sure you get everything done, its super important to make small and manageable lists, or assign yourself certain tasks from the lists to each day. Seeing what you’ve got to do in total can sometimes be quite daunting, especially if you’re at university! So I find that one huge giant list makes my stress levels pump! So I set myself a small list of task to do in the day, and if I complete them and have time to do extra, bonus! If not, its okay because I planned my list!

3. Balance
Its important to remember that you are a human being, who’s soul purpose in life is not to stress yourself, read journal articles and to write assignments. You will drive yourself crazy if all you ever do is work, make sure you set aside some time to spend with your friends, family or even just yourself. Whether this is 1 hour of your day for a long bubble bath and a movie, or whether its one day in the week to go shopping or for a meal with your friends. If you manage your time properly, you will be organised and you can enjoy that time with yourself or others because you know your work is done. Instead of working your butt off and crashing before the deadlines or instead of spending all of your time relaxing and chilling then having a last minute mental breakdown because you left everything too late. Plan your time!

4.  Fuel
When I look back to my first year of university. I found that I would set myself up in the library and get my work space prepared for a good study session, but then id leave to grab myself a coffee or a snack a few times during the session, wasting time and distracting myself from the tasks. So I’ve learned to remember to bring some study ‘fuel’ with me to wherever I’m going to set up camp for the day. Even if this is at home at my desk, I make sure I’ve got my coffee, a big bottle of water, and some snacks with me so that I can stay put and focus. You can also be a super trooper here and pack healthy snacks, a little pot of nuts and some fruit! (Not going to lie, my snacks tend to be some sort of yoghurt or a little slice of cake if I really need a sugar boost – this is because I study in silent zones and nothing is more annoying than listening to munching on crisps or crunchy apples when you’re trying to study! So a yoghurt is safe!)

5. Focus
Last but not least, my biggest tip is to eliminate all distractions. No texting or chatting, find a place that you know you will receive zero or minimal distractions, and make that place your study zone. Some people find that they work better in a group study session but I don’t ever get as much done as I do when I place myself away from the world and work alone. My university has a lot of silent study areas in the library where you can get your own cubicle, you own power socket for your laptop and you can work away in silence. Personally, that is my favourite way to work, I create my own study playlist on Spotify, plug my ears and work away with just me my music and my laptop.

There is an app that I’ve been absolutely loving lately, its called “Forest” You basically grow your own tree on the app, you chose an amount of time you want to spend working, whether its 1 hour or 4 and when you press begin, the tree grows and your phone is placed onto a do not disturb mode, you receive no notifications and no distractions, if you go off the app the tree dies! You can track all of your growth, build your own can look at your total progress and see how much you’ve done! It also gives you little motivating comments along the way so you’re spurred on to keep going. Personally the satisfaction you get when the tree is complete and you’ve spent that amount of time working hard on your studies, its such a good feeling! You feel proud and you get so much done! It’s available to download for iphone here: https://www/ 

Remember that your studies are important, and so is your personal life. Make sure you keep a balance between the two, and work hard for your future. Enjoy your Christmas knowing you managed your studies well instead of become so stressed you dont want to go back after the new year, or just managed to scrape through your deadlines. You can do this! I believe in you!

What are you studying? And what are your top tips for handling your studies during the Christmas period? Let me know in the comments below!

See you tomorrow!
Love Kays X

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