Its December second! By now you should be getting well and truly into the spirit and super excited for Christmas (yes already)! When I was thinking about Blogmas and what I was going to do for my posts this year, I decided I definitely wanted to do some sort of dedicated post on this Christmas period itself and what I love so much about it! It truly is my favourite time of the year, nothing beats it! I just couldn’t do Blogmas without putting some time into telling you why it really is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ *sings*.

When late November approaches, the sales pop up in the shops, Christmas decorations go on display in the supermarkets, baking kits come out of the cupboards, families come together, comforting foods become a diet staple, new delicious hot drinks go onto the menu in your favourite coffee shops, its starts to get a bit chilly outside, dressing gowns and cosy slippers become a must, as well as putting the fire on and watching the annual tv shows that are only on this time of year! Everyone just gets that little bit happier, theres something about this season that seems to put a little bit of a spring in everybody’s step, more smiles on peoples faces, no matter what they’re doing.

You could be stressing out over your Christmas shopping, assignment deadlines, de-icing the car every morning, or walking to the bus stop in the snow, but no matter what, every one of us who celebrates Christmas is always that little bit excited. Looking forward to the Christmas break, being with your family with gifts and food and family games. Christmas crackers with the crappy jokes and toys inside – that you’re still excited to open even though you know you’re never going to use the toy and the joke isn’t funny but you laugh anyway. Getting that little buzz when you hear a Christmas song on the radio for the first time this year. Christmas outfits on your pets, Christmas pjs and fluffy socks, caring a little less about being strict on your diet, saying yes to that slice of cake or mince pie.

To me, Christmas is love. Its spending time together with your family and friends and not having to worry about work or school, you just be in each others presence and have a wonderful time. Im never just excited about Christmas Day, despite it being the most exciting day of them all, I personally look forward all year to just the season alone. December is always such a wonderful time. I look forward to everything about Christmas, from putting up the decorations to wrapping presents to preparing for the following year ahead!

It truly is, the most wonderful time of the year.

What is your favourite thing about Christmas and what does it mean to you? I’d love to know! Pop a comment below!

See You tomorrow! Love Kays X

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