Well, long time no see. I cant believe how much time has passed since i last logged onto my blog, its been so long infact that ive had to reset my password. I’m sorry its been a ridiculous amount of time since you last saw “Coffee with Kays” appear in your subscription boxes, instagram feeds, facebook feeds, anywhere at all really. Ive been taking some time out to gather myself, if you are a ‘OG’ coffee bean and have been following me for a while, you’ll know ive been struggling a little. I dont want to go into detail because I want my blog to be a positive place not a place to tell sob stories, & I want people to read my ramblings with a smile on their face. I’m on the right track now and im back and ready to jump back into my blog with both feet.

What better way to do that than to do BLOGMAS this year? WHOOP!

I’m super excited for this month, Christmas is my favourite thing ever (obviously), everyone gets just that little bit jollier, even when its cold outside. I’m SO in the spirit already (to be honest, I was in the christmas spirit as soon as halloween was over). I’ve missed being able to ramble away into my laptop, and I love anything to do with Christmas. So its safe to say, I’m super excited about Blogmas! Its going to be a challenge, considering I have a ridiculous amount of work to do for University with 14 hour days along with 2 days work each week, I really don’t have much spare time. But I’m excited to get going with Blogmas! Today I’ve got a jam packed day ahead of me and I’m feeling pretty fluid up but I’m ready to smash my last few weeks of this term and get ready for an amazing Christmas break!

I cannot wait to share this month with you! I’ve already got a hot chocolate and my christmas music on in full swing. Grab yourself a hot beverage, your slippers & do one thing festive to get you in the Christmas mood, even if that is to pop on a Christmas playlist!

After all, The best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

Yep, i totally just ended my blog post on an Elf reference!

See you tomorrow! Happy December! X

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