Its back to school season, which means lots of back to school stationery hauls, look books and top tips for making the best first impression! Im starting my second year of university this September & last year when I was preparing myself for my first day of freshers week. I remember how nervous, actually, how terrified I was! And when I was there and in it, being a student, I realised how unnecessary all my nerves and fear were.

There are probably a million other freshers tips all over the web at the minute, especially this time of year, which starts off my first bit of advice! Get yourself online and check out the abundance of advice videos, blog posts, Facebook groups and so much more! We are lucky in the sense that there is already so much advice for us right at our finger tips, so get watching. It certainly helped me calm my nerves.

Joining the Facebook group for freshers is a big help, you can meet others online before you head over to the campus, get to know people in your class, in your dorm, arrange pre-uni get togethers, I found it so useful and it was also a bit relieving to know that other people were just as nervous as I was.

Prep, prep and prep some more, check out your dorm before you move in, make notes now hats included and what you need to buy. Be sure to contact your roommates (the Facebook group is a good way to do that) and talk to them about what they have bought for the kitchen if you share one, the last thing you want is 4 sets of utensils and washing up bowls for 1 dorm, look online to see if theres any pre-reading or short tasks for you to look into to help you get started on the year, actually head to the library and loan or buy some of the recommended books for your course, they are recommended for a reason.

Make a budget, especially if you are living on campus, remember that your student loan will only last so long, it can be hard to remember to be responsible when a big chunk of money comes into your bank account, and that basket on is full to the brim, itching for checkout to come. You must remember that you have to feed yourself, pay rent, travel costs, books, stationery supplies, toiletries, all on top of enjoying your time at university with your friends. Jot down your incomings and outgoings, and make a plan to allow yourself a certain amount each week for yourself, this way you can still have a treat, and not have to live on super noodles until your next pay day. Speaking of payday, it may be a good idea to look into a part time job for a bit of extra income, most universities can help with this too! Be sure to consult your advisor, I got lucky and nabbed myself a Saturday Job in an office, its great for a little bank top up each month, and it doesn’t take up all of my spare time.

Make the most of the freebees, freshers week is jam packed full of goodies for you! Especially if you’re moving into a dorm, food supplies, stationery, pizza vouchers, you name it! Make the most of the student discounts, sign up to uni days and even invest in an NUS extra card Its totally worth it! Look into your freebies and entitlements from the university, some contribute towards travel costs if you commute, provide free laptops or technical items, some even provide free food if you need it… FREE FOOD!

Last but not least, just be yourself, remember that this is not just your first year, its everyones first year, everyone else is new to this and just as nervous as you are, you will make new friends, maybe even some friends for life. University is not meant to be daunting, its a wonderful experience. Enjoy!

Love Kays X

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