One thing you must know about me.. I’m a stationery obsessed freak, a stationery hoarder, I have a notebook for literally everything. I have notebooks I bought years ago and never used, just incase I need them. I have notebook for a different theme, I have untouched pencils and pencils that I use just for display. I…. love…. stationery. So on that note, If you live in the UK, and you have access to a Wilkos, you are super lucky! And you need to realise its super under rated! It has the best stationery selection ever!

Despite the humongous selection of stationery I have, I decided to buy some more, because … I don’t need a reason okay. I wanted to share with you what I got because its so cute I just need to show you how amazing this stuff is!


The first thing I picked up was this adorable little notebook, its super cute! I love the design on the front, its only a small book, I plan on using it to jot down blog post ideas! Adorable!


This I just HAD to get, I’m not usually one for project books, I actually didn’t have a project book but that was my reasoning (ok, excuse) to get one! Going back to university soon means I’m going to need to stock up on supplies (despite already having plenty to use), I’m sure a project book will come in handy for something!

This is my favourite thing of the bunch! Its such an incredible idea, when I came across it I was blown away, for someone to create this was genius! Its a goal book, you can record your goals, steps you’re going to take to reach them, and log your progress along the way! The front page is so inspiring! Theres also an example page to show you how it works, its amazing. I cant wait to start using it, everything starts on a Monday, I’ve written a few things inside and Im going to start recording things tomorrow.

The last thing I needed (okay.. wanted) was pencils, it sort of completes the collection. What I loved the most was the motivational quotes on the side! So adorable!


Where is your favourite place to get stationery? Let me know! Im always open to new collections!

Love Kays X

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