I’ve been sat here for a few hours trying to figure out how to start this blog post. Its been so long that i seem to have writers block, or bloggers block if you will! First of all, im so sorry ive been MIA for the past few weeks.. 7 to be exact! I dont even have a legitimate excuse, theres been a mixture of things that have held me back from the blog, but regardless of the reasons, ive simply just distanced myself and i seem to have lost my blogging mojo!



Where have i been?

After attempting to quit sugar (highlight that word, attempting). Life seemed to have gotten into a little bit of a backwards routine for me! I decided i wanted to focus on myself and my health, i started a programme at the gym and after the intense stress of university deadlines i just wanted to do nothing for a little while, and have some actual me time. Ive done 4 weeks worth of overtime at work to make some much needed extra cash. And the time ive spent not at work ive been either asleep, at the gym or with my head in my laptop, binge watching netflix programmes and youtube videos.

I wanted to enjoy my summer, and i feel like I really have had my needed downtime. Possibly a little too much, and while i still have another 5 weeks to go before my second year of university starts, I’m ready to stop moping around and put my effort into working hard again.



A little udpate.

So what have i been up to for the past 7 weeks? The quitting sugar was a disaster, while i found some amazing recipes that ill keep using forever, i just couldnt hack it, it shows my addiction to sugar is terrible and i really need to sort myself out, i figured going completely cold turkey was a bad idea, espeically when i was working full time hours. The programme i tried required not one drop of sugar, not even from fruit, and being the sweet nut i am, i couldnt do it. I didnt make it to the end of the 6 weeks with absolutely no sugar, i definately indluged a few times. But it wasnt a complete waste because i learned a few things and found some amazing healthy treats!

Ive completed my programme at the gym and started a new, more intense schedule, im 3 days in and sore to the bone already but im thoroughly enjoying it! I’ve also taken the leap ive been wanting to take for the last 6 months and finally got the blue hair! Im in love with it, completely and utterly!

Im not sure if i made you guys aware, you may have already known if you follow me on my social medias, but ive bagged myself a saturday job. So far im thoroughly enjoying it! I had only planned to find a job for the summer so that i wouldnt be bored out of my mind, or broke! But im enjoying it so much ive decided to keep the satruday job during my second year of university! Fingers crossed i wont regret that decision haha!

Speaking of second year, I received my results for my first year and i exceeded my own expecations! I did so well and im so pleased, I’ve also officially enrolled for second year and chose my options, if you dont know already, i study a combined honours course of Education Studies combined with Psychology. During second and third year, im given a choice to either keep studiying the subjects with a 50/50 split or i can choose to major in Psychology if i wanted to, i also have more of a choice for topics during second and third year. Allowing a little more freedom & it gives me the chance to sort of taylor my degree to suit what i want to do! I orginally started university with the plan to become a primary school teacher, and while this is still a consderation, i’ve enjoyed the psychology side of my studies so much that ive decided to major in the subject for second year, and im exploring the option of going into teaching psychology, or working within educational psychology! Im uber excited for second year and what it has to bring!


Whats next?

If you regularly read my blog, you probably would have seen my blog post where i promised you guys some sort of order and schedule to my posts! I made a plan to upload at least once a week & I have obviously failed, im sorry! Im going to kick myself into gear and get a blog post uploaded at least once a week for you guys! I asked you guys what day you’d prefer me to post a blog and you guys voted for Sundays!

So ill be uploading every Sunday, with the odd extra post every now & then.

Its crazy i hit a blogging block for so long, every time i sat down to put something down onto a draft my mind would just stop working. But now my ideas are overflowing i cant stopping getting all fussy inside thinking about all the plans i have! So make sure you stick around, because its going to get really interesting!

Let me know how your summer has been so far! Id love to know, and i hope youre just as excited for the future of Coffe With Kays as i am! EEK!

Love Kays X


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