Happy Sunday everyone! Hope its been a relaxing one, especially on this sunny bank holiday weekend!

Sunday means a new blog post, so I thought this week id chat about my diet, I’ve decided to quit sugar! Yup, believe it! Ive invested in Sarah Wilson’s I quit sugar 8 week plan. And I’m facing my addiction head on, yes. I said addiction, Im addicted. Okay I haven’t exactly been to a doctor and been diagnosed with addiction to sugar. But I am definitely addicted, I don’t need a doctor to tell me! I spend all day everyday thinking about food, specifically something sweet. I’ve previously found myself in tears because I want chocolate so bad and theres none in the house! I have found myself on diets and id fail by the end of the day because I can’t go the whole day without a packet of crisps or a doughnut. I haven’t gone a single day for as I can remember, without sugar! I know my body, I know my mind, I have an extremely unhealthy relationship with sugar! And I’m tired of it, I’m ready to kick this to the curb so I’m facing my addiction and making a change! Im super early into the ‘programme’ but Ive got high hopes and determination, I’ll be sharing some updates on my progress and also some of my favourite sugar free recipes!

After spending the last week researching everything and anything I can that relates to sugar in any way, I’ve learned so much and its insane just how much this 1 ingredient affects your body! When I say sugar, I mean fructose, fructose is found in pretty much everything! And your body is a completely different function with and without it! Your cortisol, adrenaline and insulin levels become off balance when you consume sugar, causing a wide range of effects such as stress, anxiety, poor sleeping patterns, acne, mood swings, even depression! My ultimate goal is to be super healthy on the inside as well as the outside! And clearing my body of these terrible chemicals is one of the necessary steps needed to do so!

When you quit sugar, within hours, your hormones levels change! Your levels of a hormone called insulin (which favours building up body mass and retaining fat) decreases, which helps your body use the fat stores for energy! Causing weight loss! YIPPEE!!!!

Im excited about this change and I really want to share this journey with you! Maybe you can join me and we can do it together!

Do you eat too much sugar? Do you eat sugar free? Let me know in the comments!

Love Kays X

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