On the 1st May 2017, myself and Reece spent the morning rushing around tumbling last minute bits of packing into the car, ready to head off on our holiday with Kieran & Leanne. We took a 2 hour drive to Llandudno, stopping for costa on the way. The place we are actually staying is in Conwy, but we couldn’t check in until after 3pm so we headed to the Victorian Extravaganza event in Llandudno town centre.

We explored the performances, including a Flea circus (Yes, fleas) where we grabbed a quick snap with Jon (the performer)

We also watched an illusion act, he made his assistant float in mid air and also escaped from a straight jacket, it was pretty entertaining! After a quick toilet break, we explored the rest of the festival, fairground games and rides, passing characters dressed victorian to fit the part! It was fab, we headed to the house, which was an Air B&B, we were told by the hosts that it was ready early so we went to meet them and unpack our things before we headed to do a quick food shop at Tesco!

We had a little relax at the house, exploring the rooms and testing the internet connection with the xbox that the boys brought (feels more like home)! We decided to make the most of the rest of the day, and the sun, by heading into town, we decided to walk as its only 10 minutes away from us! We explored the town, check out a cute little toy shop, and headed to Conwy cost, I showed the rest of the gang ‘the smallest house in Britain’, they took a look inside while I grabbed myself a cheeky little (well, rather large) ice-cream. We enjoyed the fews and took a few snaps.

Its such a beautiful place, I feel at home when I’m near the sea, which is strange because I don’t live anywhere near the see! I feel so peaceful and happy, it soothes my mind and I’m super content! I could happily be by the sea forever! I would move here in a heartbeat!

After a few snaps and giggles, we took a stroll back to the house and ate pizza and snacks while watching some films and youtube videos, before heading off to bed! Its crazy what a little less sleep and a little more sun & activity can do to your body, I certainly slept well!

Perfect first day, see you tomorrow!

Love Kays X

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