I got a new camera! Im literally so over the moon with it I just had to share this with you, its the cutest camera ever! I was browsing online and noticed a sale on the Instax mini 8, my favourite colour is blue, and when I saw the blue one I just HAD TO! It was reduced to £65, I made the most of the sale and grabbed a few other things to complete the purchase! Its just so pretty, Im in Love with it, truly!

The camera itself is super lightweight, easy to carry, it comes with a cute little strap and the bundle came with a film, which you get 10 pictures on. It requires 2 AA batteries which also actually came with the camera! I love how easy it is to hold and store in your bag! It turns on and off super easy, there are multiple settings for your photos, it detects the lighting and so on, the flash is on, there is no way to turn that off, so thats something to remember! And, it feels pretty durable too!


The next thing is added to my basket was extra films, i think the films are quite expensive to be honest, so I wanted to get them as cheap as possible while they were still on offer, so I bought 2 packs of 2. Which gives me a total of 50 pictures to take! That should do me a while…… maybe….

I do have to say, one thing I absolutely love about the prints is the fact that theres a little space at the bottom that you can write on, its card and easy to write on, which is fab for just putting the date or a little caption! Cute details!

The last thing I sort of felt to unbearable need to buy was the “cheeky little extras” box, which includes a photo album, a camera case, and a selfie mirror.

The photo album holds 64 photos, its super cute and its also a great size to keep in your bag with the camera so you can keep it with you and keep your prints safe on the go! I can’t wait to build a collection!

The camera case is ADORABLE! Its magnetic at the front and has 2 little clips at the back so that you can keep the camera secure while you’re on the go, and also remove the cover and keep your camera safe in the case while taking pictures! It also include a cute strap so you can carry it around on your shoulder for easy access! Brill!

The selfie mirror, I’ve got to say, I’m not really that big of a fan of, its cute and I think its a great idea! it clips to the front of your camera and the little mirror lets you see whats in the frame, so thats a fun idea, I just don’t really like that it has an extra lens that covers the lens and I think it effects the quality of the photo, also… I found it hard to clip on and taking it off was a real struggle! I snapped the front of my camera off and had a blind panic thinking I broke my camera before I even used it! I managed to clip the front back on and its fine, but I definitely will not be putting the mirror back on!


Im so happy with my purchase! I just absolutely love the idea of instant printing, and the best thing about it to be is the fact that they are one of a kind! The pictures are special and they can’t be duplicated (unless you do the same post twice haha). Each picture is special and memorable and I love that

If you live in the UK, there is the link to the one I bought on offer, they also do other colours!

Happy Sunday!

Love Kays X

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