Okay, I think it was about time I wrote this post. I mean I’ve been blogging for over a year now and I’ve still not managed to gain some kind of organisation to my posting schedule. So today was the day I sat down and made a little (very overdue) plan. I thought writing a post about it was the easiest way to let my readers know when I will be posting.

Ive decided to commit to at least 1 blog post per week, I really want to do more, but the last thing I want to do is make a schedule and not be able to stick to it, I also posted a little poll on twitter, asking you guys which day you’d like me to post on, and the majority vote was

So here is my plan, my weekly blog posts are going to go live each Sunday. And if and when I can, I will also post additional blogs, for example if I decide to do blogmas or if I have something I’m just too excited to wait to share with you.

So there we have it, a year overdue, I now have a schedule, I hope to see you here on Sunday ready for my next post!

Have a great week!

Love Kays X

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