I have to admit, when my friend from University told me there was a huge sale on the Feel Unique website, I literally jumped on there and spent an hour or two searching for some bargains to try. I came across a gold mine, I’ve wanted to try Tanya Burr’s make up products for so long. But just never got around to buying any, when I saw them in the 70% off sale I thought what better time than now?! So I popped a few bargains in my basket and the rest is history.

The boxed arrived in the post and I was over the moon! So excited to try the products after so many people have been raving about them for months now. I just had to get a blog post together to share with you what I got!

First of all, I think the packaging is just to die for. I Absolutely love it, the only thing I’m not sure about is the mirrors, the heart shape just makes it feel a little bit like a younger persons make up collection. However the products themselves are wonderful! Such great quality and the pigmentation is incredible!

Galaxy Eye Shadow Palette

I picked this eyeshadow palette because I was sure that would actually use these colours everyday, and at the same time they can be used with a liquid eyeliner and bold lip for a more glamorous night out look! Perfect, I love a product that I can get a lot of use out of. I think the names of the colours are so cute too! The palette size is great for popping into a make up bag for on the go. its fab that it comes with a mirror too for reapplying when you’re out and about, but again I’m not too sure about the heart shape! I’m sure it will grow on me!

Lipgloss in “Afternoon Tea”.

Ive ALWAYS wanted to try Tanya Burrs lip glosses, they’ve been talked about SO much in the blogging community and I love watching her tutorials when she uses them too. They are all so beautiful I just had to try one, and now that I have, I really wish I picked up more than one colour, especially considering they were on sale! They really are as amazing as people say, Im really not a lipgloss lover, I don’t like the stickiness they give and they come off SO easy on your cups or when you’re eating, they’re just not for me. I was afraid this would be “sticky lipgloss-esk” and I would hate it. But it goes on so smooth, not too sticky as long as you don’t layer it on so much, and the colour is incredible! Another thing I love about this product is its not drying either, its incredible quality and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t pop more into my basket while I was shopping!

Nail Varnishes

I went for two different colours in the Nail varnishes, as they were such a bargain I almost felt like I was stealing them! I went for “Penguin Chick” and “Peaches & Cream”, they are such gorgeous colours. Ive not had the chance to try them out yet because I’ve been meaning to head to the nail salon to get some extensions, but ill be sure to give a little review on twitter when I get round to giving them a try! Ive heard wonderful things about them & I’m super excited to try them out!

“Rosy Flush” Cheek Palette

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you and I both know that I really don’t need any more blushes, but I’m a sucker for a sale and I just couldn’t help myself. The mirror on this palette is a perfect size for on the go make up application! I will definitely be using it as my handy travel mirror! This beauty contains three different sections, a bronzer/contour, a blush and a highlight. Its the perfect kit! The highlight is my absolute fav! It so pigmented and the colour is just gorgeous! I can’t tell you how much I love this! Its an amazing buy, my favourite from the entire haul.

Fairytale Eyeshadow Palette

This palette sort of jumped into my basket all buy itself! It was just too pretty to leave behind, I had to have it. They are such gorgeous colours, I really have a soft spot for gorgeous eyeshadows. And knowing that I will be getting contact lenses soon has really made me want to invest in some more eye make up so I can finally show off my eyes and make the most of wearing eyeshadow thats not hidden away by my glasses!

I adore every single one of the products I’ve bought from Tanya Burr’s range, its really made me want to extend my collection, after finding out for myself just how incredible her products are! Im so excited to create some make up looks with the eyeshadows, what is your favourite product from the Tanya Burr collection? Let me know in the comments!

Love Kays X

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