Im just going to say it, with no shame whatsoever…. I wish I was a mermaid! Yup, its true, the long flowy hair, the shells, the tail. So beautiful and majestic, I love them. The little mermaid sparked my wannabe qualities when I was younger and finally its here! Now I can feel a little bit more like one with this absolutely stunning palette!

I have completely fallen in love with it. It is by far my favourite palette I’ve ever owned, I’ve never seen anything so pretty. I adore the names for each colour & how they all relate to mermaids somehow. Absolutely adorable, my favourite shades are “song” and “Ariel”.

Just look how beautiful it is! I can’t wait to start experimenting with some of the colours, goodbye human life, hello mermaid-hood! What palettes are you loving lately? Let me know in the comments!

Love Kays X

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