If you’ve been following my blog for a while you will know Im currently on a mission to get into the best shape of my life. I saw the most beautiful oversize grey coat on NewLook’s website, and after a long thought I decided that instead of spending the money on a coat that I don’t really need, id grab myself some things from myprotein.com.


I want to fully embrace my fitness journey and get some things that can help me along the way, they had a 25% off sale as well as a new release of vegan products. So I made the most of it, and grabbed myself a few goodies! Besides, at least eventually when I treat myself to a new coat it will be one in a much smaller size! The package arrived super quickly and I just couldn’t help but take a few photos and share with you what I got!

Active Women Vegan Blend Protein Powder

So the main thing I wanted to order was a vegan protein powder, I’m not going to lie, I had no idea they existed in the UK. Veganism is not so popular in the UK, I know that America hosts a never ending selection of Vegan restaurants, treats and supplements! So I was chuffed when I had the email from my Protein and found the Vegan blend. Theres a few flavour options! I went for Banana & Cinnamon, but you can also chose form Pineapple and Coconut, or Apple Caramel! I used to use the same protein powder as my Fiancé back when I was training with him. I never really realised that men & women benefit better from different types of protein powder. The active womens blend has 16g of plant based protein per serving, and each one is less than 90 calories too! (The shake I would have before, mixed with semi-skimmed milk, was around 600 calories) What appealed to me most was the fact that its gluten AND sugar free which Its great because I’m trying to avoid both at the moment, its also contains added vitamins & minerals including green tea, Vitamin C & Choline, which all contribute to a healthy metabolism! Im super excited to try it out, I really wish I bought a sample size of the other flavours so I could try those too. But I’m sure if I enjoy this one that will be something to keep in mind when I place another order! I went for the 500g pouch which contains 20 servings but you can also chose from 1kg which contains 40 servings or 2.5kg which holds 100 servings!


Active Women Mini Shaker

After taking the leap and purchasing a protein powder, I figured i’d obviously need something to mix it with! So I grabbed myself a cute little mini shaker, it holds 400ml which is great for me as I don’t plan on having large shakes, I love how its pink too, it will match my gym outfit from my recent Primark Haul perfectly! Im excited to start using it. I can fit it into my gym bag easily so I can take it on the go too! The website claims it to be completely leak proof, ill be testing that out so be sure to follow me on my social medias for an update on that!


My Protein Shaker Bottle

My fiancé decided to hop in on the deal and he asked me to grab a shaker bottle for him too. If your are curious, the protein powder he uses is also from My Protein, which is the unflavoured vegan blend. This is My Protein’s most popular shaker it holds 600ml, better for larger servings, but it is also available in the mini version if you prefer the small size or don’t like the pink option.


Vegan Chocolate Baked Protein Cookies

This is my favourite thing from the entire haul, I’m most excited to try these! There are SO many vegan options on the My Protein website, I literally wanted to grab one of everything. I was most excited about the cookies so I decided to grab a box of those for myself and my Fiancé to try. Each cookie contains 13g protein, and there are 12 servings in the box. Its super difficult to find chocolate vegan treats that don’t taste like 100% dark bitter chocolate, and I’ve been religiously buying the Vegan protein top-ups from Graze. So I am beyond excited to find out what these taste like and if they are tasty, ill be sure to add them to my collection of protein treats, and also give the rest of the Vegan range a try!


Vanilla Porridge

I caught these in the related items section when I was checking out the protein powder, and I was just kind of eager to taste them! Myself and my Fiancé have rolled oat porridge for breakfast a lot, so I couldn’t help but add 2 to my basket so that we could give them a go. My theory is that they would be a great start to the day when i had a particularly tough workout the day before. A bit of extra protein would be a great recovery breakfast. I went for Vanilla but you can also chose from chocolate and strawberry. So I’m excited to give these a try, ill let you know how that goes!


My protein Food Klickbox 

As I spend most of my time at university, I decided a while ago that I would no longer be wasting my money in the canteen at university, and that I would meal prep from now on. Not only does it save me some money, but it also guarantees that my meals will be healthy and nutritious! The klickbox comes with removable dividers to separate foods and keep them fresh. I went for the small, but they also come in large too.



Let me know in the comments if theres anything you have had from My Protein that you love! And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with my opinions of these products!

Love Kays X

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