A very short and possibly pointless blog post, but I felt the need to put my fingers to MacBook and share this absolute beauty with you. The “Blush Queen” blush palette from Makeup Revolution. I’ve even craving some new additions to my make up collection recently and I took a browse on the website hoping for some leftover January bargains, and I stumbled across this beautiful palette.

I just adore the incredible colours and marble effect, the product is baked which makes it far more gentle on the skin. The lightest shade is my favourite, it’s so gorgeous, It can be used as a cute little highlighter! I just can’t wait to try out all of the shades! Each one has a tiny little shimmer to it too, which I just love in a blusher, I do enjoy the matte shades too but you’ve got to love a good healthy glow! So I’m just going to leave you with some photos of the prettiest blushes you ever did see, and if you want to snatch up a palette for yourself, the link is at the bottom too! Enjoy!

Love Kays X

Link: http://www.superdrug.com/Makeup-Revolution/Makeup-Revolution-Blush-Palette-Blush-Queen/p/704810

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