After neglecting my diet over Christmas, I’ve developed not only a bigger booty but also bad skin! The over indulgence of sugar and grease has caught up with me and its obvious on my face as well as my tummy! I decided to invest in some good quality skin care products, and considering my skin is possibly the most sensitive thing ever, I opted for Simple. That brand was my saviour back in my high school days, it worked wonders for my skin, keeping it so smooth and healthy looking, I’m trying to remember why I switched to other products. Everybody likes to switch things up now and then and try out new things but when it comes to skin care, if it works then why change it? Or as they say, don’t fix something that isn’t broken.

So I popped into my local boots and had nosey at the Simple range, I wanted to grab one of everything! There was a new selection that caught my eye, and there was a 3 for 2 offer on so I decided to grab 3 items from the “oil balancing” selection.

Exfoliating Wash

I wanted to give my skin a deep clean so I definitely wanted to grab some kind of scrub, I saw this in the oil balancing selection and thought I would give it a go. The thing I love about Simple is that they smell clean and fresh, there are no harsh fragrances and its so gentle on the skin, its perfect for those who struggle with sensitive or acne prone skin, as harsh chemicals can upset the skin and cause bad reactions like redness or even worse, more spots! I was worried this would be too rough but it actually feels like an ordinary face wash. So for those who don’t like the big beads in the scrubs, this is one for you to try!

Cleansing wipes

Im not really a “wipe” person, I like to really take the time to remove my make up properly with a good quality oil and cleanse my face. But we all know there are going to be days where we are in a rush, travelling, or just feel too damn lazy. So I picked up the wipes to keep with me on the go incase I end up in one of those situations.


I really do have a moisturiser obsession, I don’t feel complete without some kind of moisturiser before bed or before applying make up. Without it my skin feels as dry as a desert! I decided to keep with the oil balancing theme, I usually suffer from dry skin but I feel that lately my skin is dry in just certain areas, I’m putting it down to my diet again, so I figured the oil balancing moisturiser will do the trick! Boy oh boy was I right! It feels absolutely amazing on the skin, it sinks in so well, and super quickly! I’m always afraid of a sticky pillow when I go to bed! Luckily this beauty doesn’t leave me with that problem! It leaves my skin feel so soft and I can already see improvements.

Foam Cleanser

I was drawn to this product just because I was curious as to how a thin liquid cleanser could produce foam from a pump! Its fab! I wanted a regular daily face wash and I thought to exfoliating wash would be a little to rough for everyday use. So I hunted for a gentle cleanser, and this just stood out to me. I love how it turns to foam through the pump, you only need 1 pump each time you wash too, so for the size of the product I’m pretty happy as its going to last a long time! Its really gentle on the skin, it makes my skin feel cooled and hydrated, which I find is quite difficult with cleansers.

Night Cream

Okay, I know I know I know, I’m only 22. Why am I using night cream? Well, I want to keep my skin young okay! And night cream leaves my skin feel so soft and hydrated, I love the way it makes my skin feel and if it helps protect me from early signs of aging then thats just a bonus! As the title says, its age “resisting” night cream! Theres nothing wrong with taking extra care of my skin at the age of 22, I will be 40 before I know it and I’m sure I will look back and be glad that I started now!

I love the Simple range, I don’t know why I ever strayed, after trying these products I really want to head back to boots and grab some more! Its also given me an idea for a new blog post, I might do a skincare routine for you guys, let me know in the comments if you want to see one! I also would love to know what your skincare favourites are!

Love Kays X

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