After recently getting a new desk, I’ve been feeling super productive and organised. I wanted some beautiful things to fill up my desk with, and what better place to go than to the wonderful place of pretties, Castle In The Stars! I grabbed myself some amazing little goodies and I’m super excited to share them with you!

The goodies arrived in the cutest packaging, they really go out of their way to make everything super cute, and it feels so personal! Opening the box i was over the moon to see all of the the little beautiful things I’d ordered, everything was individually protected as well as cushioned on a bed of shredded tissue paper! So everything is safe during travel time too.

The first thing I took out of the box was the foil print, my favourite item of the entire shop! I chose to have the letters in copper because that’s the theme I’m going for with my desk, but you can also chose from silver and gold which are also so gorgeous! I adore this print, I can’t get enough of it. I’ve popped it inside a black frame and I absolutely love how it’s there on my desk to constantly remind me that not everything goes your way all of the time, lessons learned are benefits earned! It’s a beautiful little addition to my work space, I love it!

I was really interested in the little wish jars that Castle in the Stars make, there are quite a few different ones you can chose from, and I decided to go with the lock and glitter, but you can chose from other cute things too! You can write your wish on a piece of paper and pop that inside, or you can even switch up your glitter for a little fake grass! I was super excited about this little product. The packaging to this really made it obvious that Castle in the stars put so much effort and thought into their packaging! It was wrapped in the cutest little piece of tissue paper and washy tape, & it comes with a little card, that holds instructions on what to do with your little bundle. I had so much fun assembling everything, making my wish and popping the cork In. It’s placed in view on my desk to remind me of that wish I made every time I do some work, it’s strangely so motivating! I just adore it, and I urge you to give it a go!

As as well as A4 size prints. You can also chose an A5 print! For a smaller little cutie to place either on your wall or in a frame, my boyfriend also has a desk and the “Bee Happy” print was his favourite! So I popped that into my basket for a little surprise. The crazy how such a simple little quote can give you so much motivation and inspiration! Two simple words, and yet such a huge effect on you. I popped this one in a little black frame for his desk, There are SO many wonderful quotes on the website, I genuinely want all of them! You don’t have to pop them into frames, they work so well on a pin board, amazing if you have an entire office of your own!

Okay, these absolute beauties are limited edition. So seriously, pop onto the website now, grab yourself one QUICK & then come back and finish reading this blog…. I’ll wait…….

Done?…. Okay, good! Now we both get to enjoy the cutest tote bag EVER! I’ve used it so much already, it’s amazing for fitting my books in for uni. My A4 notepads fit in perfectly, & so many of my uni friends have asked where I got it from! It’s also really good for carrying your towell and water bottle to the gym! It’s so handy, and the quote again is such an amazing reminder! If things go wrong then THATS OKAY!

I just adore how much thought and effort goes into their products, everything is handcrafted and so beautifully put together, I love the little touches, the little hand written thank you card with every order, it’s all adorable!

There are lots of other cute items available in the shop, if you head over to their website now you can explore yourself! And just for being a wonderful coffee bean, you can get yourself 10% off by entering the code COFFEEWITHKAYS at the checkout!

Check out the website here:

And don’t forget to check out their Facebook and Instagram so you can Be the first to grab any new products!



Be sure to tag me in your photos of your beautiful goodies that you snatch up!

Love Kays X

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