Well, another year is over, and so quickly! 2016 has been a year of crazy ups and downs, for everyone. This year took so many people’s childhood hero with it, and there have been disasters, both natural and human-caused, that we will never forget. On the plus side, more people on earth than ever before now have access to clean water, and we’ve seen incredible breakthroughs in medical research such as mind controlled robotic limbs and new cancer vaccines!

It feels like less than a blink ago that I was sitting on my boyfriends sofa, reminising 2015 and how fast it had passed us by, discussing all of our goals and New Years resolutions for 2016. I can not so confidently admit that I haven’t achieved a single one of mine. BUT.. as they say, tomorrow is a new day, and in this case, it’s a brand new year! A brand new clean slate, 365 new days, new opportunities, and new memories just waiting to be created.

I started my blog in April, and I could not be happier that I took that leap of bravery and dove into the blogging community, it’s given me so much in such a short space of time. Of course it’s had it’s ups and downs, finding the time to blog along side work, college, university and.. well, life… has definitely had its difficulties. But there have been some incredible moments too, my last post has hit over 1,000 views and i just can’t believe it, I am beyond grateful to every single one of you who took the time to read the post. You will never know the appreciation I have for it! 2016 has reminded me that hard work really does pay off, and in all of my years, I have never been so determined to make 2017 the best year of my life (so far).

So what exactly are my goals for 2017? My “New Years resolutions” as people call them? Well, let me share them with you:

Lets begin with the obvious ones; Losing weight and getting fit is probably the most common New Years resolution out there, every person on earth should adore what they see when they look in the mirror. And by gosh, am I tired of telling myself that “now is the time to change”, I told myself so many times in 2016 (and for the past 4 years too) that it’s time to kick myself in the butt and lose the extra weight. I got into quite a routine of going to the gym and getting a sweat on! I was so proud and starting to see results, but my stress fracture took me back to where I started and Christmas has just banged a giant full stop on the “overweight” status I so strongly hold. At 79kg, I’m the heaviest I have ever been, I am unhappy with my body, exhausted, and out of excuses. It is FOR SURE time to actually do something about this, and take those steps to my dream body that I crave so badly.

Saving money has always been a difficulty for me, it seems to burn a very big hole in my pocket & after many attempts to build a little safety net, my savings accounts has remained filled will only dust and cob webs.

After giving up my job in August to give myself the chance to focus solely on my studies and do well, my student loan is my only source of income. So I need to make sure that I use it wisely, I plan to organise my funds, and prioritise my spending. Luxurys are still an option, just once in a while!

When I was chatting away to my boyfriend about 2016, we kind of admitted that 2016 hasn’t really been as filled up with adventures as it should have been. We both want to make sure that 2017 is crammed with memories, whether they be trying new things, seeing new places, or just getting out of the house more! He proposed the most wonderful idea, that gives us the chance to fill the year with wonderful memories, and ensure that we spend quality time together, how?…. Sundays.

Yup, we made a pact to spend every Sunday together doing something wonderful, whether it’s taking a drive with the dogs to a big country side for a long walk, taking advantage of our National Trust memberships and exploring new places, or simply spending the day in a great coffee shop with a book each and each others company. Unless obviously we are either poorly or drowning in work that we couldn’t possibly leave the house, we have made a deal to do something wonderful every week, I’m so looking forward to it.

Sticking on the topic of books, I also plan to read a whole lot more in 2017, I move recently gotten really into the thought of spending less time on My iPad watching YouTube videos and more time with my head in a good book, with an entire bookcase filled with untouched books, 2017 is no better time to tackle them!

One particular task on my 2017 to do list, is to get my butt on a plane and visit another country, i am 22 years old and I have never been abroad. I’ve wanted to see the world for as long as I can remember, and if I’ve learned anything in those 22 years, it is that if you want to do something, do it. Nothing is stopping me, i will gather the funds, book a ticket and I WILL feel the sand of a new ocean beach between my toes, don’t worry, I’ll be sure to pack a tonne of factor 50 for my ever so pale skin you know I’m always complaining about!

Last but certainly not least, I plan to put more effort into my blog, I absolutely love getting comfortable, letting my mind control my fingertips and just typing away at the keyboard, producing blog posts that not only can I read back and reminisce over, but you guys really seem to enjoy them too, and that’s amazing.

365 days from now, I plan to come back to this blog post, and read through it with a giant smile on my face, knowing full well that I achieved every single thing on the list, and maybe even more!

Don’t let me be the only one who makes 2017 their best year yet, what are your goals? What are you going to achieve? Let me know in the comments, and let’s follow each other along the way! I’m routing for you!

Happy new year!

Love Kays X

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