Without sounding like I’m tooting my own horn, i definitely have to say that I have been well and truly spoilt this Christmas. I have the most wonderful family and friends, I could not have asked for a better Christmas. Amazing company, smiles on everyone faces, fantastic food, and such lovely presents.


One gift in particular sparked a blog post idea, simply because I just had to share this with you! My incredible brother knows me so well that he took a trip to lush and grabbed me a gift set, not just any gift set though. One that is Christmas themed, and comes int he cutest box ever!… “Santa in space”.


Firstly, let’s talk about the most amazing tin that this little gift set comes in! I’ve already transferred all of the products to a lush bag and filled this tin with make up products! It’s such a great size for storage, and on the go too! Id happily pack my lunch in it! I love the vintage feel it gives off and if your anything like me, Christmasy things are a must all year round, not just in December!


So what do you get with it? Ahh where to start! The intergalactic bath bomb is such an amazing product, I’ve bought so many since lush released this baby and it really does give off the most incredible smell and array of colours and sparkle in the bath tub! If you haven’t tried it, it’s definitely a must! Light a few candles, fill up your bath and pop this bad boy in, then enjoy a blissful bath of feeling like your floating through space! Then get out of the bath and admire your beautifully smelling skin and the amazing shimmer it leaves you with! FABULOUS!


The Santa fun is a product with multiple uses, it has a play dough like feel, you can shape and mould it into anything you like, and the Santa colours make it feel so Christmasy! EEK! Once your done having a squidge and play (great for kids) rip off a little chunk and either crumble it under the running tab to create bubbles, or lather over your skin for soapy goodness! Amazing.


The twilight shower gel has to instantly be my favourite from the shower gel collection at lush, it smells of lavender and calming oils, you can add some to a running tap for bubbles in your bath or use it in the shower, it leaves you smelling wonderfully floral and the scents leave you feeling so relaxed and ready for an amazing nights sleep! It’s definitely not an uplifting shower gel, so only use it at night time! Also, quick comment! Such a great size bottle for a gift set product! Win win.


Bubble bars are not my favourite product, simply because they melt in your fingers and they get pretty messy if you want to use a small amount and save some for another time, but this “Big Bang” bubble bar not only smells absolutely amazing, but also is the perfect size! You can use it all in one wonderfully colourful bubble bath and Cha-Ching no mess! I am yet to use this wonderful product I’m bubbling to give it a go!


Last but my no means least, the northern lights bath bomb, oh wow, what a treat! I absolutely adore the array of colours this beauty produces in the bath tub! It spins and twists whilst shooting out the most wonderful spectrum of beautiful colours, and leaves your bath tub a soothing dark green/blue, the smell is so uplifting but yet you can’t help but get lost in the relaxation! I dare say this one is a competitor for my favourite!

There are just so many amazing products at lush, it’s far too difficult to chose a favourite! But what are you most enjoying from lush at the moment? Let me know in the comments!

Love Kays X

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