Assignments are submitted and Christmas break has officially begun! I decided to celebrate by making some Christmas gingerbread cookies (which just so happen to be vegan)! What better thing to blog about?!

Firstly, I owe you an apology: I’ve not been paying as much attention to my blog recently, and it’s all because of my university assignments, unfortunately blogging is not my full time career (yet) – and I still have to study, so I’m super sorry! But it’s officially Christmas break (YIPPEE) and I’ve got plenty of ideas backed up in my head for some amazing blogs for you guys, thank you for being so patient with me.

So how about these cookies then? Such a cute little box, great for little kiddies to bake, as it’s super simple and easy to whip up. But I wanted to take it a little step further and crack This the Christmas themed cutters and decorations and make a whole array of Christmas biscuits! The plan is to put them on the tree, so they needed to be as Christmasy as I could make them! Of course you don’t have to put them on the tree, they are biscuits, you can eat them! But I thought it was a great idea for a DIY Christmas decoration, and not all of mine were put on the tree, I did pop a few of mine to the side for enjoyment….

What you will need:

Gingerbread cookie mix
3 table spoons of Golden Syrup
10ml of Water
15ml of melted coconut oil (you can also use vegetable oil)
Plain flour
Mixing bowl
Baking spatula (or a wooden spoon)
Large Baking tray
Rolling pin
Cutters in any shape you like
Any decorations or icing you like, I used silver balls, white fondant, edible snowflakes, orange jelly beans (vegan) and icing pens


First thing to do! Wash your hands and pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees/Gask Mark 4.

Empty your cookie mix into the mixing bowl and add the water, oil and golden syrup

Mix until a dough is formed


Sprinkle some flour onto a work surface to avoid sticking (I also put a pinch onto the dough and onto the rolling pin)

Roll out your dough until you get a thickness of 0.5cm (about a £1 coin)


Time to get creative and use any cutters you like, keep rolling the dough out to get more biscuits, add more flour if you need to


Pop them in the oven for 10-12 minutes, every oven is different, mine took around 15 minutes to cook, but less time for the smaller biscuits so be careful and keep checking every 5 minutes or so.

I used 2 boxes and it made a total of 23 biscuits, I had to put 3 trays into the oven!

Once they’ve cooked, leave them to cool on a rack before decorating


Decoration time! Here’s your chance to get creative and let your inner artist shine through

Keep in an air tight container once the icing is dry, and enjoy! Or if you’re really proud you can poke a whole through them with a sewing pin (be careful) and pop some string through & hang them on the tree!


What festive treats have you been enjoying so far? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to tag me in your biscuit masterpieces!

Love Kays X

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