On 19th November 2016, at 11am, my beautiful niece came into this world. And I can safely say for everyone, it was definately not expected. My wonderful Sister was expecting the birth of her first daughter on January 22nd 2017, so when myself and my parents received the news over the phone that the little angel was arriving early we were all pretty shocked.

My sister went into hospital on Friday 18th for checks as she felt something was wrong, the doctors sent her in for a scan and the fluid in the bag that surrounds the baby had decreased and there was not enough to protect her. They advosed my sister that she had to stay in overnight and take 2 doses of steroids to help the baby with her lungs. She was scheduled for a C section at 9:30am the next morning, we went to visit her on the Friday night to make sure she was feeling okay and to my surprise she was so calm and pulled together, I’m sure she was disguising her fear. After being reassured by the doctors we were instructed to go home and come back the next morning, if anything were to happen in the night my sister would have to go in for an emergency C section to get Layla out asap. Fortunately the little fighter made it through the night and had both steroids helping her, only the birthing partner (which was our Mum) was allowed to go into theatre with my sister as she had the C section, my family sat anxiously waiting for any news and an unbelievably long morning had passed we finally had the news from my mum, little Layla had arrived, she was 2lbs 13 ounces, and arrived at 30 weeks and 6 days. She was rushed off to be cared for by the nurses. They advised us all that we wouldn’t be able to see her, because of how premature she was and how she would be easily prone to infection ect. But she had done so well that my sister was allowed to see her once that day before she was taken off onto the nunatal ward. Myself and my parents headed over on Sunday evening to see my sister and hopefully see the little girl! To our surprise we received news from my sister on the way that she is already breathing on her own AND digesting her mums breast milk, it’s shocked everyone, including the doctors and nurses! She is doing so so well. We got to see her and reach Into the Incubator to hold her hand and say hello.

She was so tiny I was scared I would squish her with my adult hand, she held my finger and let out the teenyest cry, she’s beautiful, just like her mummy. The whole family are smitten, my sister is recovering well from the C section and is so happy and in love with the little miracle.

It was the scariest, longest, most tiring and emotional weekend of my entire life, but there is a beautiful little angel that came out of it. She has to stay in the hospital for a while to be cared for u til she is well enough to go home with her mummy, with an even bigger Miracle she may be home for the new year, Fingers crossed!

Welcome to the world Layla, we love you already.


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Love Kays X

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