Since you guys were loving my Vegan Favourites post last month, I asked if you wanted me to make it a monthly post and you beautiful coffee beans were all for it! Ask and you shall receive! So what amazing new vegan tasties have I been discovering this month? Well there were so many Ibe had to narrow them down because I felt the post was far too long! Here are some of my favourites!


Graze Cocoa Orange Bites


I got these from the “superfoods snacks” section on the graze website, I’m so gutted they are not included in the normal bakery box, I love love love the texture of them! They have little rice crispy puffs inside and the orange combines SO WELL with the cocoa, as I can find cocoa powder to be quite bitter, so the citrusy flavours compliment it so well! You get 2 in a pack which is the perfect snack and you also get s green tea! Which may I just say, I don’t drink much green tea but this particular one is AMAZING! Seriously, it’s so good, I would give anything for graze to do a bulk by for their green tea bags aswell as the afternoon infusion, SO GOOD! You have to try them, it was £3.99 for a pack of 6 portions.

Alpro Hazlenut Chocolate Icecream


Yes, that’s right, you can still eat icecream if you’re a vegan! I cannot believe how good this stuff is, I’m not kidding. I’m finding that most chocolate vegan treats taste quite dark and sometimes bitter because there’s no milk added, so it’s a lot more natural, however this icream just tastes like heaven! If you’ve ever had alpro chocolate soya milk it tastes exactly like that, which reminds me of the taste of the milk you get left at the end when you finish a bowl of coco pops! Please just try it!

Kia-ora Orange Squash


Bit of a strange one, since trying to fill transition to Vegan I’ve been trying to find replacements for my many cups of tea a day. I just can’t find a non dairy milk that goes well with a cuppa! So I’ve kind of faced facts and accepted that I’m just going to have to give up tea when I transition fully into the vegan lifestyle, I’ve re-discovered my childhood favourite orange squash, this stuff is the best juice in the whole world! And sugar free which is a bonus!


Linda Mcartneys Rosemary & Red Onion Sausages


Okay, so there was a sale on Linda Mcartney products recently and I thought what a perfect time to try some of her products, and oh my gosh. I can’t believe how good they are! The burgers LITERALLY TASTE LIKE ACTUAL BURGERS ITS SCARY! But my favourite at the moment from her range is the rosemary and onion sausages. They taste like really expensive sausages, with a hint of stuffing taste to them! I’ve been adoring the fact that I can still have sausage sandwhiches! YUMMY!

Dried Yeast Flakes


It sounds really weird, but I discovered it from other vegans. It is literally dried inactive yeast, it looks like little yellow flakes and you add a pinch of them on top of your food to add a cheesy taste! It also provide you with B12 which is great for vegans (or anyone), and the tub lasts for so long!

Let me know in the comments if you gave any of these a go, and if you’d like to share any vegan treats with me that you’ve been loving!

Love Kays X

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