I can’t believe how fast the last 31 days have gone, literally flown by. Today means one thing, super cool costumes, pumpkin fun and lots and lots of treats! Myself and my boyfriend grabbed 2 pumpkins each – one big and one small.


I’m going to reveal a secret now…. I’ve never carved a pumpkin before…. yup, it’s true, I’m a pumpkin virgin. And yesterday I had so much fun and realised what I was missing out on these past 22 years, I’m super proud of my pumpkin, Reece’s turned out amazing too!



We decided to dress up for the occasion, I was the classic zombie bride! (Just like last year lol) and Reece decided to be gingerbread man, which has nothing to do with Halloween but you’ve got to admit, to costume looks pretty scary!


After carving the pumpkins we took some pretty scary but cool photos for the blog, and for a video! Reece is a youtuber and we made a Halloween special for today! We got some ghostly shaped marshmallows and did the chubby bunny challenge but with a Halloween twist. Trust me when I tell you it’s hilarious, you can watch it here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zXJWFRiMCXw

I can’t believe this is already the last day of Blogtober, even though it’s been super stressful at times to juggle life and the blog, I’m so super proud that I didn’t miss a day, and I’m also kinda sad that it’s over. This experience has definately given me the motivation to post more blogs, so just because Blogtober is over don’t expect me to disappear or go back to my fortnightly/whenever I feel like it post schedule. I’ve really hoped you’ve enjoyed Blogtober, thank you so so much if you’ve followed me through it to the end. More importantly, Happy Halloween!

Love Kays X

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