Today I’m spending the day at university and a few things happened that sparked the idea of what to write today’s blog post about…. the little things. You know those super simple small things that make you super happy? I wanted to share a few of mine with you, I’m hoping I can look back on this blog and remind myself that you don’t need super big fancy new things like cars and expensive products, sometimes it’s the little things in life that can brighten up your day. So I wanted to share with you the little things that have really made me smile today.

When my favourite study seat is vacant at university. Today I arrived at university at 11am as I commute with Reece, but my lectures don’t start until 2:30. So i usually set up camp in a quiet building and do a bit of studying or catch up on some of my favourite youtubers. And usually on Thursdays as we arrive at 11 my favourite booth is usually taken but today it was free! I was super happy.

Random Compliments. Today while I headed over to the student cafe to grab an orange for my breakfast, a lady approached me and complimented my hair, it’s crazy how such a small thing can give such a confidence boost. Especially considering I literally did nothing with it today.

Self love. I have been 100% vegan so far today, and when I grabbed my lunch from the student shop, I picked up a vegan sandwich and some water. And it just felt really nice to know I was eating vegan and it made me super proud.

So many vegan options! I usually grab my lunch from the cafe or the canteens at university, but today I headed into the student shop in another building, I don’t usually go there as it’s a place where you mostly buy pens and books ect. But there are fridges with sandwiches and pastas ect so I had a browse and discovered the most amazing range of vegan lunches! I was so super happy I never knew they made them at university! There were quinoa salads, avocado pasta, chick pea sandwiches, humous selections, I was in my element. And to make it even better, there is also a range of vegan quinoa crisps too! So enjoyed a delicious Moroccan chick pea spinach sandwich with lime quinoa crisps and a water! YUMMY! It just made me super happy to know there is a lovely selection I can chose from at uni now, such a simple yet satisfying thing!

Remembering it’s my last day. I completely forgot that next week is reading week, which means I get the week off uni, it’s sort of a half term and the lecturers give you a week to catch up on work you may be behind on and they give you a reading list so you can prepare for assignments in December. I realised half way through lunch that I won’t be in next week, which means I have a wonderful 10 days off and I’m super excited to make the most of them! Because you know, it’s not acceptable to come to uni in your slippers! So I can prop myself up on the sofa at home in my super soft dressingown and slippers with my snacks and do my work in my comfortable environment. Oh the joys!

It really is the little things sometimes, what little things make you happy? Let me know in the comments!

Love Kays X

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