I’ve recently been opening some more doors to my veganism and trying so many new products to give myself more options in my diet and I wanted to explore some of the incredible vegan things out there! Here are some of the amazing things I’ve discovered this month!

Before I get into it, I think I might post one of these every month, as I’m discovering so many new things that I have so much to share with you, I can’t fit them all into this post! Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested to see each month and I’ll be sure to do another one in November! 


Genki Chilli Rice crackers


These are so amazing, they really are! They are so light on the stomach because they are made from rice, normal crackers sit quite heavy on my stomach and bloat me a little, but these are just perfect, and I’m surprised at how much you get in a pack for the price! The only little nag I have is that they are quite oily, which makes them high in calories, so definitely don’t go for a full bag in one sitting (like I previously have).


Marks & Spencer’s Gelatine free Percy pigs


Its been a very long time since I ate a sweet, knowing that these are guilt free is so amazing, and they actually taste better than normal sweets to me! Who needs gelatine!? The only issue with these is that they specify vegetarian but not vegan, so I had to ask if they were vegan before purchase, and also.. they are pigs… why?


Nakd Bakewell Tart bars


I cannot express to you how much these taste like actual Bakewell tarts, it literally blows me away! They are so perfect for on the go snacks, add to your lunch box or after a workout, the ingredients are so satisfying to read because there’s pretty much nothing in there, and it’s ALL natural, amazing. You HAVE to try them!


Graze protein bars


I recently changed my preferences on my graze subscription to vegan only, and as I have the bakery box, the only thing that now comes is the protein bars and flapjacks, I decided to stock up on the protein bars as i just love them so much! The cocoa ones are amazing for my chocolate cravings, and thy have 5g of protein in each one, perfect for the gym!

What are some of your favourite vegan snacks? Let me know in the comments!

Love Kays X

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