I was recently contacted by a representative at Pilaten, who kindly offered to send me some samples of their Charcoal Peel Face Mask. I’ve seen quite a few mentions of this face mask, some people loving it more than others! I’ve got to admit, after watching a video of a woman in so much pain after peeling the mask from her face I was a little nervous to give it a go. But I will always try anything once, so I agreed to give the product a try and do a little review for you lovely little coffee beans!


The samples were quite small, I’m glad I had these as if I were to have bought the bottle I would have use a lot more than that for one peel. The texture is quite nice, and it’s thick as I imagined it to be, it applied to the skin quite nice, it was very cooling which felt really refreshing on the skin! I applied it evenly on and around the nose which I felt was my problem area when it comes to pours and blackheads! After application it specifies to wait 10-15 minutes or until the mask feels stiff and tight enough so I sat down and enjoyed a cup of coffee and watched an episode of friends while waiting! I had it one for around 17 minutes,

i was one sea toy surprised when I peeled it off, I was expecting to be in unbeleivable pain from what I’ve seen from others, but it was not as bad as expected, possibly because I didn’t apply it to the whole face? It was a little painful but that ensured me that it was getting everything off so I didn’t mind! I could see the results instantly, and I am so pleased!

I splashed my face with a little water and dabbed dry, there was a little redness at first but that faded within about 30 minutes, my skin feels super smooth and squeeky clean! I’m so happy with the results and I will definitely be purchasing the bottle asap! I couldn’t recommend it more!

What are your favourite skin care products at the moment? I’d love to know.

Love Kays X

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