So we’re over half way through Blogtober now, I can’t believe how fast it’s gone. I wanted to dedicate today’s blog to having a little mini chat about how it’s been going, I’ve seen a few other bloggers do a little update post on day 15 to mark the half way point so I thought I would do one myself.

To be honest, it’s actually going quite well, I really thought I would have failed by now,especially with university starting and just getting into the swing of it, I have had assignments due and other commitments outside of uni and I’ve still managed to post every single day without fail. I’m super proud of myself.

I’m so happy with the feedback I’ve been getting rom you readers, I love to read your comments and chat to you through social media about what you think of my blogs and also some of your blogs too! I’m so happy my time and effort that’s going into these blogs is making people happy, it’s so worth it!

I’ve been asked quite a lot if I’m finding it difficult and if I’m going to do it again next year, I do struggle sometimes with finding the time in the day to fit the blog writing in, but it’s also been super fun at then same time! I definitely want to do Blogtober again next year, no doubt about it.

You guys have also been asking me what I would do differently if I were to do it again next year and what advice I’d give to someone else doing Blogtober. Well, if I do it again next year, I will definitely write blogs in advance, for sure! And I will write more ideas down to help me with writing blogs on the day so I don’t struggle with creativity and originality, I also would make sure I set a schedule, so my blogs go up at a specific time of day, as they are kind of all over the place at the moment, still every day, but sometimes it’s morning, sometimes it’s 9:45pm like today haha.

The advice I’d give to someone else doing Blogtober is to try and plan your posts, try to be as organised as possible, and don’t forget to set an alarm each day to remind yourself to post! Because by gosh sometimes I do forget! And I’m rushing to get a post out on time!

Are any of you doing Blogtober? How is it going? I’d love to know!

Love Kays X

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