Today I wanted to share with you the best speech I’ve ever heard: if you want to read more into the man behind the following quote, you can do so here

If You Die Tomorrow: By Basquiat Picasso; Featuring Jaret Grossman, Eric Thomas, and Les Brown

“One day, you’re going to die. And that’s not me being negative, that’s just the truth. So I want you to face that reality, right now. And I want you to take a good look at your life, right now as it is. If you die tomorrow, how would you look back on your life?

Would you be proud to be buried? Or would you feel like your life was incomplete?

So looking at death straight in the face right now, will set you free.

What are the things you didn’t do that you wanted to? Did you want to start a business? A charity? What aspirations did you have as a child that fell down your priority list, because you got caught up in that routine, because you told your self that you have bills to pay, because you told yourself that you’re not good enough?
Or because you didn’t want to utilise your time correctly, because you chose to sleep for 10 hours? Because you chose the safety net?
You stayed in your routine, and you didn’t want to bust out of that comfort zone?

If someone told you right now, I’ll give you 5 million pounds, but you can never make a difference to this world, you can never accomplish change. You can never inspire? No more motivation, no more inspiration.

Would you take it?

You shouldn’t, why? Because that’s not what you were born to do. And if you do? Then you will die, with something missing in your life, all the money in the world, handed to you on a plate. Will not complete you.

One day, you’re going to be in a nursing home, and the biggest thing that you’re going to hope for, is that there is someone standing there right beside you, so that when you’re on your death bed. How will your legacy ripple? Are you going to make a big splash? Or are you going to be a tiny little pebble in the pond?

How many people did your positivity impact, that your expiry, will make them cry?

How are you going to leave this on earth? Will you be remembered? How?

Well guess what… Your life is not done yet. So now is the time to go after EVERYTHING you want.

Time will expire one day, so you gotta beat the clock.”

Happy Monday

Love Kays X

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