I’m having a very productive day today and it’s inspired me to write a blog post on my goals and aims for November, I’m hoping to look back on this post in November and feel havppy that I achieved everything I set out to do. Also, it ensures that my October notes blog is gonna be juicy right?

So what do I plan on doing in November?

Blog more: Since doing Blogtober I’ve been enjoying myself so much with it that I’ve decided I want to make sure I blog more next month. I want to create a schedule of maybe 2-3 blogs a week.

Get back into my fitness: October 26th marks the end of my 6 week recovery period for my Tibular Stress Fracture. Let me tell you something, I cannot wait to get back into my fitness routine & shift some more weight. During November, I want to devise a plan of action and get back into a routine that is gentle on my leg but effective. I need to ensure I don’t over do it this time and end up putting myself back onto crutches, it’s important to listen to your body and rest when you need to.

Finish my christmas shopping: Now this is a brave statement, I’m setting myself a pretty big task to finish my Christmas shopping before December even begins but for once I want to enjoy the upcoming weeks before Christmas, stress free (well not really because I have assignments due) & I get get myself excited for the Christmas period. Every year I usually leave it to last minute, worrying about money, who I might have missed and before I know it Christmas Day has come and gone and I don’t know how to enjoy it. So this year I want to finish my shopping before December hits us so I can enjoy the Christmas season this year.

Visit at least one natoinal trust place: I’ve been a national trust member for almost 2 years and this years membership has just been so underused it’s almost a crime! National Trust has some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, and I should be using my membership and seeing the world around me, I was going to set myself the challenge of visiting somewhere once a week but travel and study time may be a problem so I plan to visit somewhere at least once in November.

Be 100% veggie, and try to be as vegan as possible: I decided I no longer wanted to consume animal products a very long time ago, but every now and then I do eat a Chinese or a pizza. I want to consume absolutely no meat between now and the end of November, and try my absolute hardest to cut out ALL animal products too. I’m actually lactose intolerent, so I shouldn’t be consuming dairy anyway, but there are always days when you have had a whole day out of the house, you come home and have things to do so you make a quick bowl of cereal or some toast with butter, and I want to break that habit and cook myself nutritious meals that don’t contain dairy products. I also am making ti my mission to find a replace,net for milk in my tea, I’ve been really struggling as nothing tastes the same and I struggle without a good cup of tea in the morning.

Try more vegan foods: Expanding from my last point, I want to make an effort to try more vegan foods and vegan recipes to create a tasty wide range of options for myself instead of a Salad or unhealthy vegan junk food. So expect to see a lot of vegan recipes to be appearing on my blog soon!

Read more: This is a very important goal for me, the list of books I want to read is humongous, and I never get round to actually reading them. I want to make it a routine for me to read a little every single day, whether this is before bed or during a lunch break, I want to make sure I read at least one book a month.

What are your goals for November? I’d love to know, let me know in the comments!

Love Kays X





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