For today’s blog I wanted to do something a little different to beauty or fashion, and I decided to share with you my top 5 favourite apps at the moment and why!

1. Plant Nanny


I was on the hunt for an app that will help me with my water consumption for so long, and when I discovered this I was thrilled, it’s so helpful with helping to make sure you consume your daily water requirement, if you don’t then the plant will dehydrate and die! Which forces you to make sure you do it!

2. Is it Vegan


Trying to figure if everything is or isn’t vegan is such a pain, with this app you literally just type the product in the search bar and it will give you an answer! Amazing!

3. Pinterest


I’ve recently got back into using Pinterest, it’s so so good for inspiration, whether it be blog ideas, make up looks, outfit ideas, recipes, you name it! It’s amazing!

4. Instagram


Obviously instagram was going to be one, who doesn’t love instagram? I love finding new bloggers to follow and discover, and there are so many people who dedicate their lives to their instagram, motivational accounts, fashion accounts, the list is endless… and I kinda love it.

5. Snapchat


Snapchat is something I’ve recently gotten into, I now have a snapchat account if you want to give ,e an add and see all the behind the scenes and sneak peaks of coffee with Kays, my snapchat username is “coffeewithkays”.

What apps are you loving at the moment?

Love Kays X

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