I put a post up on my instagram page and asked you guys to ask me any questions that you’d like me to answer in a Q&A blog post. And I had quite a bunch of questions come through so fast I wasn’t expecting to have to write this so soon. But here we are, It really warms my heart when I think of the amount of support I am getting from you guys, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it, knowing you’re reading my blogs and your putting up with me even through 31 days of continuous blog posts, I was expecting you to get sick of me by now, It makes me so happy that you enjoy reading my posts and that you actually want to know more. So here it is guys, my first Q&A:

“heyimsheky” asks: Is being a blogger hard?
Well, sometimes I get myself in a little slump during times when I might be stuck for ideas or unhappy with how a blog has turned out, but I couldn’t enjoy blogging more! It’s an absolute passion of mine and although it can sometimes be a teeny but difficult, I still enjoy it because I love it.

“Newcastlenev” asks: Whereabouts in the U.K. Are you from?
I’m from stoke on Trent

“Mr_softygram” asks: What’s your favourite part about being a blogger?
I love the fact that I can simply chose to write a blog about absolutely anything I like, which means that I always enjoy it. I may want to write about baking a cake one day or post a really serious blog the next. I love that the choice is always mine and that I am able to express myself through the hobby.

“Trisha_kennedy.x” asks: What’s you’re favourite part about Autumn?
I love the weather, being able to wrap up with a jumper and a scarf, as I love being cosy and warm, I’d rather wrap up warm on a cold day than sweat in a tank top on a hot day. I love the colours of autumn, the different shades of brown in the leaves and the trees. Everywhere you look is beautiful. And also, nobody judges you for having 2 hotchocolates a day because they are warming and tasty!

“Geeks_and_nerds” asks: Which is your favourite blog that you’ve made so far and why?
I literally thought about this for hours and I just can’t narrow it down to 1 particular post, “You are enough” was a really important blog post to me, and I felt nervous posting something so personal but the response I received was crazy and I felt so proud that I spoke out and shared my thoughts, many people have told me directly how the post personally helped them and that really warms my heart. But I really enjoyed writing so many blog posts they are all like my prize possessions it’s difficult to favour just one!

“Sprihapaudel” asks: Have you ever heard of Napal?
If you’re referring to the country then yes I have, it looks beautiful and I’d love to go one day!

“_meow_gaan” asks: What do you least like about being a blogger?
Sometimes I find myself writing a whole blog post about something that I am passionate about or have an opinion on, and then I will delete it because I am worried of what others may think, I feel that it is more a personal issue as I’m sure people wouldn’t be negative towards me, but I guess I wish I had the confidence to be completely open with my opinions.

“liguelmopez2” asks: Do you love it day in day out?
YES! Always.

“Moonlight.agb” asks: Who’s your idol?
There are many people who inspire me in life, but I don’t have an idol, I just want to be the best version of myself.

“mills.ann” asks: What is your favourite animal?
I am the worlds biggest dog lover, they are all beautiful and amazing. Dogs are so playful, loyal and SO DARN CUTE. If it were up to me I’d have a million.

“deadd_blonde” asks: Do you find it hard fitting in blogging with being a student?
Yes a little, I find myself sometimes rushing to get things done but I organise my time effectively, im surprised that I’m still successfully doing Blogtober along side university I have completed 2 assignments and read almost a whole book along side my studies and Blogtober, it works well I remain organised. So I think I will find that when Blogtober is over it will become a hell of a lot easier too.

“dead_blonde” also asks: Also do you find other bloggers to be supportive or competitive?
I find that the bloggers who are new to the hobby and have recently started are all very friendly and supportive, however there are some out there who dismiss me completely. With that being said, I’ve never been in a situation where I have experience a really negative comment or judgment from another blogger (unless it was behind my back haha).

Thank you you so much for your questions, I’m so sorry if I missed ours, if you have any others please feel free to comment and I will gladly answer any! I reply to all comments.

Love Kays X

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