Okay, I’m kind of a sucker for hopping onto the band wagon when it comes to really wacky trends and crazes. The second I saw one of my favourite YouTubers rave about these in their video I kind of had to have them. They are called Kailijumei Lipsticks, not only are they the most beautiful lipsticks I’ve ever seen, they are also colour changing! I know right… How can you not get them?!


They come in a beautiful red and gold packaging, with a mirror on the lid (bonus). The packaging is super fancy They are clear and each one has its own little adorable flower inside, I can’t describe how pretty they are, the pictures don’t do justice.


They come in four different colours:

Flame Red

img_0104 img_0105


img_0102 img_0103

Dream Purple


Barbie Boll Power

img_0107 img_0108


I probably didn’t need to spend so much money and get ALL FOUR of them but they were calling out to me, things do that sometimes… It’s weird.

They are so moisturising, they feel like the softest lip balm ever, and the beauty of them is, once you put it onto your lips, it changes colour with the temperature, and gives the most beautiful shades! They are cruelty free and made entirely from plant products, including lavender oil which give them the most amazing smell you just want to eat it!


They are a little pricey but I know I will be using these a hell of a lot, so that’s going to be my excuse… They are $25 each, if you want to buy them individually. But I got the set of four for $90, including delivery and conversion it came to £70. Which to be honest is probably more than I have ever spent on my entire make up collection ever.. But look at them, we need them! The delivery took about 4 weeks.

I’ve also discovered that you can now preorder the new summer simplicity collection, which comes in 6 colours, but I’m going to be good and keep my money in my purse.

If you want to grab one (or four) for yourself then you can do so here! Your lips will thank you for it.


Happy spending, Love Kays X

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