Since I started university I’ve been coming up with new ways to keep on top of all my classes, home study, assignments and seminars. And it seemed only right that I shared some of these with you, here are my top 5 tips for staying organised at college or university!

1. Get a diary: Probably the most simple yet effective tips. Having a diary with you at all times is great for jotting down important dates whenever you need to, so then you never forget. This can be when an assignment is due, what room your seminars are in, or when a bill is due. Just remember to check your diary everyday!

2. To do lists: making to do lists is so useful for me, it’s such a good way to make sure you get everything done, and what I do is use different colour highlights for the important ones and the not so urgent ones so I know which to do first.

3. Put your student email on your mobile phone: When I started university, I was given a student email address, and was reminded by lecturers to check it everyday. And as I don’t have the email app I am not notified when new emails come through, and if I forget to check I may miss important information like cancelled lecturers or last minute homework. So download the email app and sign in on your phone so you don’t miss anything important!

4. Get an organised bag: It sounds super strange, but when I first started university I had a simple handbag with no pockets and everything was all cluttered inside and had no organisation to it at all. I had a cute little backpack for my birthday which I now use for uni which is PERFECT because it has a compartment for my phone and wallet and I can stick my pens in an outside pocket which makes them super easy to find and doesn’t leave me rushing around my bag looking for a pen in lecturers.

5. Notes: I have a notebook for each unit topic I am studying this year, which helps as I can focus completely on that subject when I need to is read of search in through all kinds of notes for something I need. I also noticed during my lecturers that other students have been bringing in their iPads and laptops to type notes onto, which is much quicker and easier. So I have began bringing my iPad to uni and making notes on that in lectures, then transferring my notes into detailed form inside my notebooks which helps me revise and research key words I need to.


I hope you found my tips useful! What are your tips for staying organised?

Love Kays X

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