I endured a heartbreak a few days ago when sadly my favourite blush ever had broken and crumbled in a million pieces, I had to say goodbye to my beautiful baby and get on the hunt for a new one. I used this heartbreak as a perfect excuse to try a new blush, and instead of going for the usual powder form, I decided to try out a liquid blush! I came across these beautiful Bourjois Paris 12 hour hold aqua blushes, I’ve heard good things about these before. So I decided to give them a chance, there are 4 shades in the collection, and unfortunately I couldn’t grab one of each as number 3 (pink twice) was super old out. So I grabbed one of each of the other 3 shades – the lightest peach shade “01-Infe Nude”, the lighter pink shade “02- CocoriCorail” and the darkest pink shade “04- Berry Nice”.


Berry nice is actually quite similar to Pink Twice, the difference looks only subtle when I compared the two testers in the store! I love the formula of these b,ushers, it’s so creamy and light, it’s also super pleasing that it comes in a pump, which makes it so easy to apply to the finger or a blending sponge, and then dab over your cheeks! Since purchasing them I’ve tried out all three and they all hold very nicely on my cheeks for the whole day! I actually received a compliment from a friend at university asking what blush I use, and I’ve never been complimented on my blush before, so that’s a good sign!


They are quite pigmented so you only need a little pump, which means the small tube goes a long way AND it’s a great size to stick into your handbag or make up pouch to take on the go with you, although you won’t be needing to top up during the day as it’s super long lasting!

I cannot recommend this collection enough, I’ve been on the look out for “Pink Twice” to complete my little set! I’m so glad I gave these a go, it’s actually inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and try more make up products! If you have any suggestions, leave a comment below with your favourite make up product!

Love Kays X

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