With the weather getting a little bit more chilly now, baths are becoming an essential for me at the moment! Sipping a cup of tea and warming my toes in a hot bubble bath, relaxing in the amazing smells of fresh scents and essential oils is my absolute fav way to end the evening after a long day of shivering at university!

So considering the weather gives me an excuse to take more baths and less showers, I’ve decided I needed to top up my collection of bath products, and what better place to go for that than lush!? Amazing smells, incredible for your skin, animal cruelty free, do I really need to convince you? So I headed into the shop taking in the amazing scent of all things lush, (some people find it overwhelming but I could live there!) and I was treated by quite a few new products For Halloween and Autumn.


The wonderful ladies who worked there were so helpful and they’re always so lovely to talk to whenever I go into the shop! I left with my basket full and feeling super happy, and I wanted to share with you what I got!



As difficult as it was for me to not leave the shop with everything in my basket, I selected a few of my favourites from last years range and a few I had never tried before. The intergalactic bath bomb (the blue one) is a classic favourite I’ve seen floating around many peoples social media, I love the colours it turns the bath, I have used it befor sand whilst I’m not a massive fan of the bath bombs with glitter, it always nice to treat yourself now and then and glam up your bath! Just be sure to wash your hair separately. The twighlight bath bomb (the pink one) is one of my absolute favourites, I love the colour it gives, don’t be fooled by the pink look, amazing colours of blue and gold shoot out when it’s fizzing away in the bath and it gives an overall purple night sky effect with a hint of glitter in there, the smell is amazing too! It reminds me of palmaviolet sweets!

The pumpkin bath bomb I’ve actually not tried before, but I felt it would be a great time to give it a go considering it’s an autumn haul after all! It smells delicious! So wonderfully citrusy and orange! I almost want to take a bite, I can’t wait to try this one! The honey bee bath bomb (the yellow one) smells so wonderful, a wonderful hint of lemon and sweet honey with a slight earthy effect, which is what made me add it to my basket! The floating island bath melt had a wonderful vanilla and wood scent to it, it screamed Autumn to me and I’ve actually used this product, the oil was amazing! It left my skin SO soft I am literally kicking myself wishing I picked up more than one bath melt, the only problem with this was that it’s a little difficult to clean the bath afterwards! But even so, I’m still going back and I’m still getting more of these! The tisty tosty bath fizz (the heart shaped one) is a classic favourite of mine, I absolutely love the real flowers in this product, how they float on top of your bath water once the fizz has gone, it truly feels like a spa and the smell is so floral and subtle, it’s amazing.


Sticking with the Autumn vibes I decided to pick up a Halloween set, I love the cute little monster  all that the products come in, I want to find an excuse to keep it as it seems a shame to throw it away before Halloween is over. The Lord of Misrule shower creme is a great size and I love th colour! So earthy, and the smell is quite a peppery wood scent, it’s very Halloween meets Autumn! It’s also quite strong so i think it will last me a while as you don’t need a lot on your sponge! The little monster bath bomb was a little crumbled from the traveling home but regardless it’s still a cutie! I love the smell SO much, it’s very citrusy and I cannot wait to try this out! I think the set is such a good deal for the price! 

The Christmas range has been put in the shops since my trip to lush, so expect another little haul to pop up on my blog in a few weeks time! What are your favourite lush products at the moment? Leave a comment! I’d love to know!

Love Kays X

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