Ive been posting monthly favourites almost every month since I started blogging, and while it’s been so much fun to look back on all the products ive been enjoying each month.. Recently I’ve been thinking, why favourite things? Why not memories? Moments? Why not share with you ALL the things in Septmeber that have made it so special, not just the items? So.. I’m stepping off the trend and moving onto my own personal little one woman band wagon, and sharing my monthly memories. September has been a particularly memorable month which gives this new series a great start! So what are my September notes?

Tubular Stress Fracture
As you know from previous blogs, I started the gym and fell in love with pretty much every class I was going to. It got to a point where I went every single day, most of the time for 2 or more classes in a row, this put strain on my leg and because I’m trying to achieve a hot bod I ignored the shin splints and carried on working hard even though I was in pain, that was a massive mistake when one particular night after a Zumba session my leg swelled and the pain was so bad it bought tears. I finally decided I needed to have a break and took a week off. My leg continued to still hurt so much and swell after just a little bit of walking, I decided to go to the doctors – after a few tests I was hit with the news of having a Tibular Stress Fracture, which is a small fracture in my shin. I was ordered to use crutches and take the weight off my leg for 2-3 weeks, and no impact activity for 6-8 weeks. Which has taken my unwanted 1 week break to an uncontrollable 2 months off. I’ve been told from 3 weeks I can cycle and swim because both activities involve no impact on the leg, and I’ve been doing some yoga and recovery exercises at home to help my muscles and to aid healing! I can begin swimming and light cycling next week, so I’m looking forward to that. Lesson learned, listen to your body and REST!

Starting University
I can’t believe I’m a university student, I didn’t think this day would come ever never mind so quickly, it feels like yesterday I was behind a desk at my full time job, miserable and the thought of college or university seemed impossible to me. I cannot describe how nervous I am about this new chapter in my life. So many people who have been there already have said I will be fine and I will make new friends from day one. But no amount of reassurance was going to stop the butterflies in my belly on that first car trip to the first day of freshers week. I’ve officially started now, lectures have begun and I’m settling in, slowly but surely! I plan to do a little update blog once I’ve completely settled into a routine and university life!

Finding my style
So with university comes student loans, and with student loans comes shopping! I’ve been making the most of my new income by taking a few trips to town and upgrading my wardrobe! (Don’t worry, I’m very organised and I’ve been sticking to a weekly budget, so I’m not spending more than I can afford.) When I was at college I worked part time and my income after bills only left me with a few pounds a week to myself, so it’s been a long time since I treated myself to something new to wear. I’ve also lost weight over the summer and it was about time I got out of those baggy jeans and found my style. Now that I have the funds and that I am a bit more comfortable with my body, I’ve been trying out new things that I wouldn’t usually wear, and it’s been so much fun.

My birthday
My birthday was last Wednesday. I turned 22 this year *sings Taylor swift’s “22” loudly and passionately* and I feel so old! I have been beyond spoilt, i really have the most amazing people in my life, my birthday was perfect, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better! I spent the day shopping with my sister and treating myself to some goodies! (Hauls coming soon, don’t worry.) I was picked up by Reece once he had finished university, and I headed to his house where I opened the abundance of presents and cards I had been given, I was so overwhelmed I had a little cry to myself in private wondering how I got so lucky and loved. I was then whisked off to a wonderful dinner & finished the night with a cake (carrot! My fav!) and a cup of tea. The whole day was absolutely perfect. My brother also turned 17 this month, I can’t believe that either! He is still the 9 year old little pain in the bum to me.

Meeting my Great Nan
So my father recently got in touch with his Nan, and it was such a wonderful crazy moment to meet her for the first time. I have no idea why we’ve never met, but She has moved into the recently built residential care home that is right by my house, I can visit her all the time and she pops around to see us too! It’s so lovely to have another member of the family, and I absolutely adore just sitting down with a cup of coffee and a few biscuits and listening to her talk for hours about her life. She is 86, so catching up is taking a while. My nanas and grandad have all passed away, so it’s been a really nice feeling to get a sense of that back. I’m so glad we found her.


September really has been an incredible month, I’m so excited to see what the rest of October brings! I have so much planned, but I won’t spill the beans, you can read all about it in my October Notes! Not to mention the fact that I’m doing Blogtober this year! What are some of your September notes? Leave a comment, I’d love to know!

Love Kays X

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