Happy October! I can’t believe it’s already here, the Autumn vibes have definitely fully settled in now. Although, I was ready for the dark berry lips and knitted scarfs from September 1st! I’m pretty sure I’ve said the same thing EVERY single month now but how fast has this year gone so far?! Crazy!

So, big news… I’ve set myself a challenge, as you’ve probably guessed from the title, I’m going to attempt to do Blogtober, if you haven’t heard of it before, it means I will post a blog a day everyday for the whole of October. YAY! I know it’s going to be quite a task but I’m sure it can be done with a little hard work! I absolutely love to blog, and October is one of my favourite months, simply because of the change in weather and it’s Autumn! The burnt oranges and the Browns in the leaves, in the clothes, in the lipsticks! Most importantly, this means Christmas is coming! My favourite time of the year EVER! How can you not love this month?!

Anyway, I’m sure it’s going to be a little difficult (maybe a lot difficult) and I’m probably biting off a lot more than I can chew by setting myself this challenge, especially now that I am at University and I’m already getting assignments. But hey, let’s be positive. I get to do my favourite thing every day and It also gives me an excuse to do more things this month, so I have more to blog about, double yay.

So here we are, day one, welcome to Blogtober! I hope you enjoy the next 30 to come!

Love Kays X

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