So, as I’ve probably mentioned about 200 times now, I’m officially a university student! I can’t believe how fast the last 5 months of summer holidays went, and I’m even more shocked at how fast the first week of uni went too!

My first day was on Monday 19th September, I woke up at 5:50am, a bag of nerves (obviously), and I proceeded to poo my pants from then on for the entire week. You’ve probably heard of Freshers Week but if you haven’t it’s basically a week of events, talks and parties to get everyone settled in and to familiarise yourself with other people on your course. My first week consisted of getting lost, saying “hey my name is kayliegh” a thousand times and sitting in lecture halls receiving a hell of a lot of information, I’m glad I took a notebook with me! It was all a little overwhelming to be honest, but I was told everything will be shown again during lecturers as they obviously don’t expect to tell everyone once and we are then all experts right!? Haha.

So on my first day I got to the university a little early. Reece (my fiancé) is a third year student at the same uni, he took me in his car and took me to the student zone where I could get a coffee, he sat with me for a little while reassuring me that everything will be okay before heading home and leaving me on my little self like a child on their first day of school.

This is it, I’m officially here, in this new place, on myself, I know nobody, I don’t know my way around, I felt like a fish out of water. But it was just as exciting as it was scary! I had been speaking to a lovely girl from the Facebook freshers group I was invited to, she’s on a different course than me but she was so friendly and as we both were going to the university knowing nobody at all, she gave me a message and we met up and both grabbed a coffee and had a chat before enrolling together. I was super nervous about meeting new people but she was so lovely that it really made the day so much easier! I bumped into 2 of the girls from college and had a little catch up with them, it felt really good to see familiar faces!


After enrolling we we had a little walk around the campus to try and find where our lectures might be, then we headed to the welcome talk where we received a pretty motivational speech about the next three years to come and how important they are! I headed home from my first day feeling super happy and motivated for my course. The rest of the week was filled with literally the same thing, more exploring, more talks and information on the course ahead, what things I can get involved in at the uni, extra curricular activities and so much more! I got a free hoodie, T-shirt and some super amazing pens (I’m obsessed with good pens and they are such good writers I need to find some more to buy!).


Im so happy with how the week went, I am still super nervous, but I feel more comfortable with finding my way around and I feel a little more settled in. Lectures start next week and I’ve still not properly met anyone on my course, so I guess that will happen soon! I plan to do a little update blog once I’ve settled into my lectures and when I feel more like a student!

Im really looking forward to the next three years and what they are going to bring! Here’s to this new chapter.

Love Kays X

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  1. The most memorable times are when you start uni and when you graduate:) Both are amazing feelings! Congrats on starting out and may you be successful in whatever you put your mind to!

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